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    Bench Grinder upgrade

    Hi Guys I started knife making about a year ago and I bought a grinder off Etsy. I wont say whos it is but it is very basic and not that great, or cheap. Anyway, I am looking at buying this It has more features...
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    Wude blade's gor knife handle wire wrap?

    Hi fellas. As the title says I am after a blade about 2mm wide.. Most coping saw blades are less than a millimeter so I am looking fir one that can cut a 2mm or so channel, so that I can press fit an approximately 2mm twisted silver wire wrap. Any ideas?
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    8 mm + thick knife steel?

    Hi lads Im looking at making a blade (picture attached) that has far thicker elements than the usual blade thickness... Since I dont have means to forge/forgeweld I was wondering does anyone know where i can get, say 1080 steel in around 8mm which should give me enogh material to introduce...
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    Making a homemade forge, does anyone have any reccomendations for a suitable blowtorch?

    Hello Fellas As stated im making a homemade forge ( old breadbin, refractory lined) and I wanted to know if anyone can suggest a suitable torch to heat it? This will be for knifemaking so ill need to get it pretty hot. Cheers Richard
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    Need help choosing a non-gas welder for 6mm steel

    Hi As I am sure you all know finding a decent welder is a bit of a minefield, so I am hoping someone here has suffered that pain and can recommend one that will, in my case, weld 8mm threaded to 6mm knife stock. I am utterly new to welding and there is a lot of confusing info and what seems to...
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    2" x 72" UK?

    Hello lads Ive been looking everywhere for a decent belt sander in the 2" x 72" configuration. It seems there are not many.. There are a few blueprint/kits available but they seem to assume the means to cut sheet steel and/or weld up to the specs.. The rest seem to be cheap Chinese imports that...
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    Newbie needs help sourcing metalwork tools.

    Hi guys. Im looking for good tool/material stockists in the UK. Ive sourced some steel but i require all the other bits..files, saws, clamps and vices etc, only ive found its a bit of a minefield in terms of quality/availabilty and so I wondered if I might request the benefit of your experience...