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  1. Systematic Renovations

    £299 - Makita LS1018LN 10" 260mm Double Bevel Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

    Usually sells for £380 but currently selling for £299 with free next day delivery. Cheapest I have ever seen this saw. 91mm max cut double bevel
  2. Systematic Renovations

    CCTV & Alarm or neither - Detached garage workshop security

    Hello, I am in two minds and would appreciate some advice. This year I purchased an alarm system and CCTV for my detached garage workshop. My dilemma is whether or not to install them. Aside from the obvious advantages, some cons that have bothered me are that they would attract attention to...
  3. Systematic Renovations

    Wardrobe construction - Biscuit vs domino

    Plan to build built in wardrobes with MRMDF with glue and screws. But after watching Peter Millard videos I noticed he also adds dominos which he states are for alignment. Obviously the dominos would add more strength but would adding biscuits instead help as I can't afford a domino. Thanks