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    refinishing a table top and chairs

    We have had a dining table set for about 15 years and it has been great but the abuse that a growing family has given it means it needs to be refinished. The table and chairs are made from some kind of tropical looking wood - a bit like rubberwood but more the colour of beech. Does anyone have...
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    New Number 1 DIY disaster

    Well, it's a new year and I have probably just made my biggest DIY disaster to date! Last year I posted about making an island unit with a stainless steel top Stainless steel for island. Yesterday I was doing the final touches routing the oak lipping so it was flush with edge of the stainless...
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    Stainless steel top for island unit

    Hi, I'm in the middle of making an island unit for our kitchen. Finished top size will be 1.2 x 2.5 m. The plan for the top is 2 sheets of mrmdf with stainless steel on top. This will all be lipped with oak. Does anyone have any idea what thickness of steel sheet we should use and whether we...
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    Elektra Bekcum BAS 316G Bandsaw Drive Belt replacement

    Does anyone know how to replace the drive belt of the above bandsaw (or equivalent) without removing the lower wheel? I really don't want to remove the wheel then have to realign it.
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    I think I've met this guy

    This made me laugh Pricing jobs
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    Cascamite not setting properly

    Hi All, I have been doing a large number of window repairs during lockdown/summer. Getting rid of all the rot has meant I have been splicing in replacement parts. I have been using cascamite for all the repairs and so far not had a problem. I'm on window 11 of 19 and just opened a new pot of...
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    sealing between window and wall

    Hi All, Making the most of time at home and repairing/ repainting wooden windows. In some places, where the window meets the concrete surround the filler that was previously used has cracked and come away. It looks like a mixture of a concrete skim and silicone was used. Hopefully you cans see...
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    steaming a dent out of veneer mdf?

    I am aware being able to steam a dent out of normal soft or hard wood and have even done it a couple of times. However, this time I would like to try it on some oak veneered mdf. At some point when I have laid the sheet down a splinter of wood was pressed into the sheet causing a dent. I'm just...
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    membrane below solid wood floor

    Hi All, I'm going to try and keep myself busy by laying some solid maple flooring. This part of the house is an old cottage with suspended floor and underfloor ventilation. While the subfloor is solid (tongue and groove floorboards) it is very draughty. Is it ok to put down a some kind of dpm...
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    kitchen door hinges that allow drawers behind

    Hi, We are revamping the kitchen and would like to have drawers behind some of the cupboard doors. Normal concealed hinges prevent drawers from opening. Are there any equivalents of the Ikea UTRUSTA Hinge w b-in damper for kitchen, 153 ° ? Cheers, H.
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    Kitchen refurb - plywood questions

    We are planning a kitchen update on a budget, reusing a number of the carcasses and the doors, which still look good. They are a solid oak ikea design that still look contemporary but are no longer supplied by Ikea. Designer in chief wants to give the kitchen a face frame effect using end grain...
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    Arguing with the car insurance company

    So my dads car was rear-ended last week. Other driver has admitted fault so no problem there. The big problem is that the car has been written-off by my dads insurers and they only want to offer him £8500 for it. If you go onto Autotrader the same make and model of car with equivalent specs...
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    Optimal depth of tool stands for stability

    Hi All, Like most I have a small workshop and too many tools. My tablesaw and planer thicknesser are already on wheels and I am currently thinking about my other large tools - bandsaw, lathe, mitresaw and morticer (the mitresaw and morticer are going to go into a fliptop type cart). Given my...
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    Non-combustible wall for wood burner

    Renovations continue.... We planned all the renovations and submitted plans to BC about 2 1/2 years ago. I engineered in non-combustible walls for a corner woodstove and built said walls last year. LOML now wants the site for the stove to be moved about a metre to the right - just to where...
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    routing cable for light switch

    I know people generally hate answering electrical questions but this is, hopefully, a small first fix question. We are doing up our ground floor a room at a time and I am currently working on the front hall. While we have plasterboard off the wall I was wanting to install some cable for what...
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    Electric piano stand/enclosure

    For my FILs 70th in September we bought him an electric piano/organ. My wife wasn't entirely happy as it was just a standard plastic box type keyboard and didn't really fit in with the rest of his furniture. I was therefore "commissioned" to make a stand/enclosure for it. A bit nervous because...
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    What could possibly go wrong here? Check out the great invention that starts at about the 30 sec mark. I can't imagine what could go wrong here :shock:
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    Upgrading kitchen extractor hood

    We are renovating our house at the moment, opening up the kitchen and dining room etc. The one thing that concerns us with our plans is cooking smells pervading the house. We have a rangemaster toledo with classic extractor hood. Despite being about 14 years old now the cooker and ovens are...
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    Wooden puzzle training exercise

    Does anyone have a link to the wooden puzzle that the likes of Waters and Acland use as training exercises for new students. I am wanting to improve my hand tool skills and fancy giving this a go. Thanks, H.
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    Timing Belt Gone

    So driving along dual carriageway yesterday and I hear a bang and feel some rumblings. Assuming I have hit something and have a puncture I pull into the side but quickly realise the engine has cut out and when stopped notice a little puff of something come from the bonnet. I immediately suspect...