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  1. J

    Treehouse Fixing Ideas.

    About to set off on building a small tree house like platform in a tree on a piece of woodland i have. It will be used as a nature hide and perhaps by the kids as a treehouse. The platform will be about 2.5m by 2.5 and i'm going to vaguely use a design I've seen online which I've attached a...
  2. J

    At what age do commercial oak trees get cut?

    I'm planning this year to take down a couple of trees on a property i part own in France - there are lots of hardwood trees of about 20-30 years old which are well overdue being thinned out. I'm thinking of taking an Alaskan style mill out with me and having a go at milling with no particular...
  3. J

    For Sale Fox Thicknesser (In London SE18)

    Hi, This Fox Thicknesser has been sat in my shed for an age and i want to free some space up. At the moment it is leaving some snipe on boards, and i haven't had a fettle to fix this. A brand new set of blades and drive belt is included in the sale. I'm located in SE18, Woolwich. £120...
  4. J

    Anyone have a good tool belt for general carpentry?

    Doing a timber extension at the moment, and spend my whole time picking up my hammer, losing my tape measure, searching for my screw driver, where is my level etc. etc. etc. You often see American carpenters on youtube with a belt kit, with a slot for their hammer and that kind of thing. Do any...
  5. J

    DrillPro (Bangood) Miter Gauge - non standard angles?

    Hi all, Been trying to figure out if the drill pro banged miter gauge can produce not standard meters, or am I limited to the stops that are preset? Regards J
  6. J

    Joist/Stud Spacing and metric/imperial lunacy.

    I've always understood that studs for example are spaced at 400/600mm and that sheet materials are sized to correspond to these spacings. In reality whenever I've built a stud wall or any number of sheds, it's never ended up going totally to plan in terms of the spacing. What I don't...