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  1. J

    What wood is this and how best to finish

    1. It's teak 2. I'd leave it as-is and allow it to turn silver. Oils & waxes attract dirt, and other finishes will degrade and flake with time. John
  2. J

    Veneer identification

    I've never heard of elm veneer?? but it looks like cherry to me too.
  3. J

    Newbie + a question

    The devil is in the detail. 1. The saw, as others have said, will draw several 10's of amps during start-up. 2. A "Type C" MCB rated at 16A should be fine. I can't find a solution using a 13A plug, so, as you're in rented, a couple of options (with landlord approval) - assuming you're in the...
  4. J

    Advice requested: veneering with glue film

    Yes, on the advert it says pretty much what you've said: iron onto substrate with paper, cool, remove paper, iron veneer with brown paper. I just wanted to hear from someone who's actually done it / tips etc and suceeded!
  5. J

    Advice requested: veneering with glue film

    I'm about to attempt to veneer a couple of small speaker cabinets* which have been left unfinshed for nearly five decades! They're made of good quality half-inch birch ply, and I've glued some 1/8th inch thick teak edging onto the front face which surrounds the grill. I've never used EVA glue...
  6. J

    Wanted Single phase motor

    Have you managed to find something?
  7. J

    Bandsaw Motor - cautionary tale !

    I suspect your original motor might have had problems for one of two reasons: 1. Centifrugal switch which removes the start winding from circuit might have (intermittently) stuck. This would not be picked up during a rewind. 2. Lack of cooling due to sawdust build-up in the windings and or fan...
  8. J

    Unknown timber

    It was probably treated with creosote many years ago, hence the smell?
  9. J

    Battery Design

    It's amazing that anyone with an interest in technology survived the middle part of the 20th century. I have the "Hobbies New Annual" edited by F J Camm, wherein you can wind your own mains transforrmer (no earth) and plug it into a light fitting, then, (if you've survived that), guild your own...
  10. J

    Sold MultiCo mitre guillotine

    Sold subject to postage logistics.
  11. J

    Sold MultiCo mitre guillotine

    Cast iron, weighs about 12.5kg. Adjustable stops at +/-45 degrees. Very sharp! £50 plus post if not collected.
  12. J

    Wanted Router plane

    I have a complete Stanley 13-050 if it's of any interest? John
  13. J

    Wanted 3ph 3kw motor

    Are you interested in the spec of the motor, speed, foot/flange mount etc?
  14. J

    BAS 500 thrust bearing needed

    Looks like a standard deep-groove 7mm ID bearing.
  15. J

    Them wer't days

    When the UK made a wide range of high quality screws etc. NB Pre-GKN. I bought these from a local builders merchant in about 1980: boxes of old stock on the counter sold at knock-down prices. Really well-made screws, and what amuses me is the description Dark Florentine bronzed; at least...
  16. J

    For Sale Old woodworking lathe - project

    No-one interested then?
  17. J

    For Sale Old woodworking lathe - project

    Total length of bed: 36" Max between centres: 2 ft. Swing: 4" Height of bed: 37" Chuck 100mm? John PS post 6: thanks, you're right. Harrison Jubilee Union Wood Lathe
  18. J

    Pump voltage

    I can help you out with motor wiring & VFD etc. John
  19. J

    For Sale Old woodworking lathe - project

    Thanks James! Phil: I'd like it to go to a good home, so whatever you think it's worth. PM me and we can chat. It has a scroll chuck fitted? John
  20. J

    For Sale Old woodworking lathe - project

    This was originally an (early 20th century?) treadle lathe, which I converted & restored for a friend some time ago. It's a quality item with a heavy cast bed and very substantial A-frame legs which detatch. The headstock has a dual-race self-aligning ball race behind the nose, and an...