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  1. J

    Advice requested: veneering with glue film

    I'm about to attempt to veneer a couple of small speaker cabinets* which have been left unfinshed for nearly five decades! They're made of good quality half-inch birch ply, and I've glued some 1/8th inch thick teak edging onto the front face which surrounds the grill. I've never used EVA glue...
  2. J

    Sold MultiCo mitre guillotine

    Cast iron, weighs about 12.5kg. Adjustable stops at +/-45 degrees. Very sharp! £50 plus post if not collected.
  3. J

    Them wer't days

    When the UK made a wide range of high quality screws etc. NB Pre-GKN. I bought these from a local builders merchant in about 1980: boxes of old stock on the counter sold at knock-down prices. Really well-made screws, and what amuses me is the description Dark Florentine bronzed; at least...
  4. J

    For Sale Old woodworking lathe - project

    This was originally an (early 20th century?) treadle lathe, which I converted & restored for a friend some time ago. It's a quality item with a heavy cast bed and very substantial A-frame legs which detatch. The headstock has a dual-race self-aligning ball race behind the nose, and an...
  5. J

    Puzzle puzzle

    Many years ago we bought a rather lovely wooden puzzle from a craft fair. It was a gift for the in-laws, and one piece is now missing. I don't currently own a scroll saw. The pieces are 8mm thick, the puzzle 82mm in diameter, and from what I can deduce, the kerf of the saw must have been about...
  6. J

    Meddings HS4 instructions / part list

    Many thanks to Merlin for this and his excellent restoration. John
  7. J

    CBN grinding wheels: are they really good?

    Having read the spiel on the Toolpost website, I'm intrigued that they imply that these wheels are superior to diamond. I just wondered if someone with hands-on experience could give their views. Is it OK to run them at normal benchgrinder speed (3000rpm) ? Many thanks John
  8. J

    Quality TCT blade at bargain price

    A few months ago I bought a 250mm x 48T TCT blade from Lawson's: added to an order for other stuff to make the value up. I was expecting/fearing something along the lines of Silverline quality :( However, having used this blade for several weeks, I'm very impressed. In fact I've bought 5...
  9. J

    Can anyone identify this scroll-saw?

    It's built like a brick %%-house, with a cast-iron table and oil-immersed drive. The motor is 3/4 HP from memory. John
  10. J

    Advice on disposal of complete workshop etc.

    A friend has sadly recently died and left his life-time collection of timber, hand tools, power tools and wood-turning blanks which his elderly partner now needs to re-home. I'm sure this situation has cropped up before, so I'm asking for advice as to how best to proceed. His partner is not in...
  11. J

    Routing very small profiles

    I apologies in advance for any teaching of grandmothers, but here's a small project ( in every sense of the word) which worked well. I needed to make a couple of contrast-enhancing bezels for a Tektronix oscilloscope. The "proper article" comprises a plastic frame with a thin smoked perspex...
  12. J

    Advice requested; black stain on work-top

    - A friend is looking after a neighbours' cat (':)') - she washed a couple of empty cat-food tins and left them on the very very expensive (American walnut?) oiled kitchen work-top. - next day there were two black circles....... sounds like a tannin-attack? (Is walnut tannic?) (':(') She has...
  13. J

    Startrite 352 update: re-furb and first cuts!

    This is a follow-up to my post of 14th May (see ... 41714.html ) Recap: E-bay purchase, which was delivered in a bit of a state. 1. Negotiated £80 refund from seller. :) 2. Bought a complete set of guides form A.L.T. Saws (c. £100 ) (':(') 3...
  14. J

    352 has arrived: good news and bad news....

    Let's start with the good: it arrived on the day specified. Bought off E-bay; described as "Refurbished to a high standard. Needs a minor amount of work to tidy up the electrics." Well, that's OK, I'm an elec. engineer. There are several issue-ettes: :cry: All the interlocks are missing...
  15. J

    First bandsaw: advice appreciated

    I've just purchased (but not yet taken delivery of) my first band-saw. It's a Startrite 352. I recall reading that there are "vari-pitch" blades which seem to have a good reputation? I would like to be able to neatly cut quite thick hardwood, albeit slowly. Do HSS blades exist? Any other...
  16. J

    FOR SALE: Scheppach quality sliding table NIB

    Last chance to grab this before Fleabay..... fits TS2000 direct, but can probably be mounted on many saws with a bit of "engineering adaptation" (I've fitted a more primitive version of this to an old Whitehead cast-iron table saw). Weighs 16.5kG assembled. More photos at...
  17. J

    Garage Clearance: various on offer

    Yes, I have to work in my garage, and I'm running out of space. Hence, a belated attempt to overcome my hoarding tendency. Please help. 1. Single phase motors. These are all high-quality cast-iron British motors which should give years of reliable service. a) 1.5HP Newman 1500rpm...
  18. J

    Nut-cracker puzzle !!

    I hope no-one thinks this is off-topic, as the question below relates not to the nicely-turned bowl, but more specifically to the brass nut-cracker accessory. Background: asked to fix this for a friend. Description: Turned plane(?) = lacewood (?) bowl with brass nut-cracker mechanism in...
  19. J

    Bench Dog router table

    I've just purchased and assembled a Bench Dog ProMax router table from Rutlands (on "Special" at present, but still £399 ) :? It was delivered in 3 packages, and rather like flat-pack furniture, it was basically a job of assembling from flat-pack, but with rather more components! As I'd...
  20. J

    Possible bargain on E-bay? Scheppach TS2000

    Sorry this will time out in 4 hours, but anyone looking for a fully-loaded TS 2000 see ... NA:GB:1123 Sadly I've already spent me dosh!