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  1. mynamehere

    Bosch PDB 40 on Amazon Prime -54%

    The title says it all! Cracking little drill press. Cheers! Ferenc
  2. mynamehere

    Wadkin AGS12 240V 3hp

    This is not my saw, it will be for sale on FB as well. The saw is located in Wrexham for £1200 and comes with side extensions and a sliding table. Cheers! Ferenc
  3. mynamehere

    Bosch PBD 40 drill on offer

    If anyone has an interest in the Bosch PDB 40 drill and has (or knows somebody with) an Amazon Prime account, they're on offer for £188,- today. Cheers! Ferenc
  4. mynamehere

    Spiers plane question

    I helped my wife’s cousin clear out his mums house after she sadly passed away, amongst all the stuff that was going in the skip was a bucket of his dad’s rusty tools, most of it was junk but there were a couple of rusty planes and a split wooden one as well. After cleaning one of the planes it...
  5. mynamehere

    Jet bobbin sander sleeves

    I've just got myself a s/h Jet jbos bobbin sander, it's all cleaned up and humming away nicely, it will need a couple of new sleeves though, 1 1/2" and 2". I had a look on the Axminster website and the prices looked a bit steep to me, is there another quality alternative that I can use? Would a...
  6. mynamehere

    Drill for Wolf drill stand

    I’ve just bought a Wolf ES14 drill stand (cause it was cheap) and found out that my Bosch drill has a 50mm collar that doesn’t fit, it needs to be 38 or 43 mm. Can anybody recommend a drill for this stand? It needs to be lockable variable speed (not trigger sensitive) and with a fairly short...
  7. mynamehere

    Startrite 352 fence upgrade?

    Hi folks! I have a problem with the original fence on my Startrite 352, if the fence is about 100mm away from the blade and I tighten it, it stays straight, the closer I move it to the blade, the more the end of the fence moves while tightening. I could also see the rail move away from the...
  8. mynamehere

    fine filter cartridge RP CX2600

    Gents! I am looking for a fine filter cartridge to fit a Record Power CX2600 that I'll be picking up this weekend. I'm usually pretty good with Google but still haven't found what I want yet. Anybody have a supplier name or filter suggestion? Cheers! Ferenc
  9. mynamehere

    Bosch, Makita or Dewalt 12” mitre saw

    Hi all, I want to upgrade my cheapo mitre saw for something that is and stays accurate once set up and has a 12” blade. My searches on t’internet have left me with 3 options: 1- the Bosch GCM 12 GDL 2- the Makita LS1216 (or 1219) 3- the Dewalt DWS780 Once it’s installed indoors it’s not going...
  10. mynamehere

    workshop chipboard flooring installation tips?

    Hi all, I am getting ready to install a wooden floor on top of the concrete slab in my garage, I'm going to use the Cabershield 22MM chipboards that come with a finished top coating. My plan was to batten the floor with 50X50 battens at 300MM centers, put 50MM PIR boards in between and put...
  11. mynamehere

    Startrite 352 tire shape

    Hi guys, I got my hands on a Startrite 352 bandsaw and I'm in the process of taking it to bits for inspection, cleaning lubrication etc. I noticed that the tires are flat, is this ok or should they be crowned? There is also a bit of damage to the table where the blade has eaten a bit into one...
  12. mynamehere

    workshop loft support

    Hi guys, New member to the forum here! I've been looking around on this forum for a couple of months and picking up tons tips and tricks (thanks everybody!) I've been lucky enough to get my hands my neighbors stone built outbuilding (4,8X5 meters internally) with a pitched slate roof, until...