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    Gas stove

    My folks bought this to cook on during the 70s blackouts (we only had an electric hob). I thought I might take it camping. Does anyone know what that gas tap fitting is?
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    Replacing a lock for which there is no key (i.e. cutting it out)

    Hi All, Can anyone identify this type of lock? Its a cupboard door in my landlords building. He's going going to rent me the cupboard as extra space for my unit but he can't find the key. Is it just a case of a 1mm parting disk through the deadbolt and then take the lock out? I'd like...
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    How to dismantle a Stannah stairlift

    Hi All, Has anyone taken apart a Stannah stairlift ? Specifically the round rail? It *looks* like its pinned together with roll pins. Can these be drifted out or must they be drilled? Cheers, Wilson.
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    For Sale KLUBER ASONIC HQ 72-102 grease 1Kg. NOS.

    Hi All, I sold two tins of this a while back & both were bought by woodworkers. I have no idea what they do with it (I'm a metal worker) but the RRP is £350 a tin so I'm guessing its good stuff. Just found another two NOS tins in the archaeological backscatter that is my garage. Call it £112...
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    Does anyone know how deemed contract works for water supply companies?

    I have a small Industrial unit in the old Rolls Royce building at Hillington, Glasgow. About two years ago I was approached by a water supply company who have been appointed to me by Scottish Water. They're looking for payment going back to 2015. Apparently they (Scottish Water) sent me a...
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    For Sale Record No 050 Plough Plane £40

    Hi All, I have a Record No 050 Plough Plane with blades in ummm "original" condition. Will clean up a treat. £40 plus £3 post. Cheers, Wilson.
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    Running DC starter motors from welding plant.

    So, I've got a couple of Rolls Royce 24V starter motors from... something military. They are very nice indeed and run very quiet. But they take 24V and 200- 300 Amps when doing useful stuff. I'd like to incorporate them into maybe a small home made milling machine or planer table or...
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    What sort of starter do I need for a 3 wire control, 3ph pillar drill?

    Hi All, I have a Fobco 7/8, 3ph pillar drill and the ancient MEM 331VCO starter that came with it has died. I have a new starter but I can't see how to wire it for 3 wire control. My starter has L1, L2, L3 (3ph in), T1, T2, T3 (3ph out) and 13, 14 (NO) for two wire control (?) and the two...
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    Mystery filter socks

    Hi All, I've fallen heir to a qty of dust filter socks and I'm trying to work out what they're for. There's small ones and big ones (oh, yes, getting technical now!). I don't have a fancy bag extractor but I might consider one if I can maybe use the bigger of the two bags with it. The small...
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    Looking for a source of Mahogany cladding

    Hi All, First off, I'm primarily a metal worker. I love wood too and don't make enough use of it. I have been asked by a friend to make him a set of gates for his house. Easy peasy, square frame metal gate with wood cladding infill. Except that his wife has chosen this for the wood (see...