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  1. Fidget

    M16.1 Tap UPDATE

    Not sure if this is the right place but, I have a friend who wants to make a new backplate for the underwater housing for his camera This will be made from 20mm thick Polycarbonate which he has already. He needs to drill and tap a through hole for a vacuum pump attachment which he already...
  2. Fidget

    Window Screw Jacks

    When I did some work on my house over the last 3 years i moved the staircase to it's current position (in the photo) which involved knocking out the floor between my office and the room downstairs. This has led to the top window being rather isolated. As I found in the recent heatwave it would...
  3. Fidget

    Saw Files

    Good afternoon I recently bought a couple of saws through Gumtree only cost me a fiver. Nothing special, a Spear & Jackson tenon saw and an unmarked Gent's saw, not in bad condition, virtually no rust but they are both very blunt. My question is, which saw file do I buy to sharpen them? The...
  4. Fidget

    Workshop Matting

    I can highly recommend 'Home Gym Tiles' from Homebase as workshop matting . I have bought 4 of these tiles, 1m x 1m x 10mm for £30.00 total and they are excellent. Heavy duty, they don't move around and very comfortable underfoot. They don't appear on their website but I found them in the...
  5. Fidget

    Gumtree Bargain

    I haven't posted much since joining this excellent forum where I have learned so much thanks to the collective wisdom kindly shared, but I was rather pleased when I spotted an ad on Gumtree yesterday morning for hand planes for £15, so I went and had a look and ended up buying these three. A...
  6. Fidget

    Another new member

    Good evening everyone, I've been lurking here for a while and thought I had better introduce myself. After about 15 years without access to a workshop I am finally in a position to build my own approximately 5m x 4m (or I should say, get someone to build it for me). Should be finished soon. A...