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    Woodworm tracks

    Afternoon all. Looking for some advice on woodworm tracks in an old elm slab I’m turning into a coffee table. Took me a week to flatten with hand planes and now find lots of tracks on the surface. What’s the best way to hide / fill / turn into a feature?
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    Project ideas for an oak slab

    Hi all, I have been given an old oak shelf 1 5/8" thick by 38"x 16". i would welcome any suggestions for a project. I have mainly hand tools, but have a festool track saw and a router. see photos. cheers.
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    Where to buy wood.

    Hi, new to UKWorkshop. I'm getting back into woodwork and have limited power tools (no planner thicknesses or table saw etc). I live in Gloucestershire. Does anyone know where there is a decent lumber yard in the area where i could buy different sized planed blanks - for not extortionate...