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    Axminster craft table saw?

    I’m considering taking the plunge and buying a table saw. I mainly will use it for hobby work outside work hours. Has anyone had good experiences with the AC254TS/AW254TS. I’m limited to 240v 13A in the garage and want to keep noise down.
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    DX delivery service from Axminster

    Hi guys, Has anyone ever had any bad experiences with buying machines from Axminster? The delivery company DX failed to show up yet said I signed for it?! I’ve paid for it fully but just wanted to know if anyone had experienced this and what advice they would give. Thanks.
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    Insulation gap?

    Hi everyone- do you have to leave a gap for insulation when using battons? Or should the insulation be sandwiched between timber? This is for four internal garage walls by the way! Be good to get some ideas before I go to wickes!
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    Chip or vacuum extractor for router table?

    Does anybody know if you should use a Chip or vacuum extractor for a router table??
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    Mitre saw size?

    I would like to get a mitre saw but I’m unsure about sizes… 12 inch would be great but is that overkill for furniture making? And can you get away with multiple cuts with a smaller blade? I’ve been looking at evolution and Bosch as brands so any advice would be really great 👍
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    Axminster price increases

    How do people feel about the Axminster price increases? They’ve gone up since last year. Must be something to do with Brexit and shipping containers. Have you guys had good experiences with other machine companies in the UK?
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    Workbench for holding machines- Drill,sander and grinder

    Hi everyone! I’ve made a workbench with some prebrought metal legs but finding that it is a little wobbly. The bench is to hold a pillar drill, sander and possible wet stone grinder. (120kg in total) Can anybody suggest or have an example of a machine style bench made from wood? Maybe one...
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    Quick Poll

    Osb or plywood for lining the interior of a garage wall?
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    Lighting- workshop

    I currently have 6 fluorescent lights (five foot each) in my garage. If I’m updating these- do I need the same in LED or can I get away with less? Lastly, can anyone recommend some good LED lights?
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    Garage roof quote

    I was quoted £3000- £5100 for a garage and brick shed roof replacement . Has anybody had their garage roof replaced and if so would you mind sharing how much it cost? I have an asbestos roof and that needs to be changed as soon as possible, but I don’t want to be ripped off! Based in Kent too...
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    Will a maccalister 1200w router suit a table router?

    I have a B&Q router 1/4, will it be suitable for a table router? Or should I get something else?please help!
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    Random- how many sockets?

    How many 13A sockets do people have in their workshop? I was thinking of upgrading as I have 6 and it’s getting a little annoying unplugging just to use a machine for 10 seconds!
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    Ducting height?

    1)Should ducting be as high as possible with drop downs to the machine level. 2) Or......should it be the height of the machines all the way? I want to know what people have done in their workshops. Thank you,
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    Insulation thickness for walls?

    Hi guys, I have. 6m x 3.5m garage and have outside access to 3 of the walls. I would like to insulate the walls but want to not eat into the space too much. What insulation thickness is suitable for insulating an out building garage?
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    Mould growth in garage?

    Hi everyone, I’ve noticed there is some mould growth in the near corner of the garage and some spots of mould on the new plywood top that was added only three months ago. Insulation is limited with nothing on the walls and it was been a very wet and windy set of months. How can I combat this?
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    Withdrawn Cast iron UJK compact table top

    Hi, I know it’s a long shot, but does anyone have the Cast iron Ujk compact table top? I have the leg system for it and would like the other parts? I’m based in Kent but would be looking for a potential delivery if at all possible. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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    Axminster AC153E dust extractor

    Happy new year everyone! Has anyone brought the AC153E and Would recommend it? I’m wanting to start a duct based system in a garage.
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    Planer/thicknesser advice

    Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday. I’m on the lookout for a planer thicknesser and would really appreciate any recommendations or advice on what to look for? Space wise I have a single garage 3.5m x 5m.
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    Axminster planer + thicknesser advice?

    Hi everyone, just a general enquiry. I’m a fairly newish woodworker but very keen and have been working with a variety of different materials. I have managed to get some machines so far from my local Axminster. What planer thicknesser would you suggest I get? I’m interested in the Axminster...
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    Concrete wall in garage

    Hi everyone, I can’t seem to drill through the concrete walls in my garage. I am really stuck as I have managed to blunt my masonry drill bit and can only get through to about 10mm before the bit just goes round and round. I’ve used an electric hammer drill (700w) and just need some advice on...