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    Weird pattern inside some maple?

    Do you have any peroxide? That might push it over the line
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    Weird pattern inside some maple?

    I wonder if oxalic acid might restore the original colour?
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    Picked up a Kity K5

    Hi Barry, Yes its still in the workshop somewhere. Its yours for the postage cost 👍 p.m me
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    Best way to machine off one side of a large wood beam, in situ?

    The multi tool would be good for the ends. He is suggesting a recip saw for the centre... they are a bit agricultural but can thew thru wood and metal quickly. Basically a giant jigsaw blade. Wasnt that superseded by a chainsaw attachment for a strimmer? Far safer 🤥🤓🤕 On a more serious note...
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    How to cut a slate slab (and how difficult is it)?

    🤣 probably, although the customers did get some very nice cushions made up.
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    How to cut a slate slab (and how difficult is it)?

    I did this a few years back. Made a template to lay over the slate, marked it, cut with an angle grinder and cleaned back to perfect with a belt sander. If it were straight cuts, i definitely would use a petrol disc cutter with water. As said above, for the cost, hiring is worth considering...
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    A bumper year for apples

    😒 this year i was supposed to be having a go at cider making... but i know i wont get to it, way too much to do 😪😭 maybe next year, after ive refurbed my trike 🙄😒
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    Getting paid to work on your own home

    Can you pay me to do my loft conversion? The materials ( as said above ) is mostly what the tax man will look out for.... without being offensive, how big is the bathroom and whats left to do?? We cant be talking more than a week or 2 tops.... so your income wont dip that much....
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    Second fix nail gun

    I use a dewalt 18v 2nd fix 16g on site. Its been good but has now developed a firing issue. Theres a plastic bit which engages a button inside the casing which i need to replace. That said, ive got a paslode 16g pneumatic, which is awesome. More power, never fails, hasnt jammed etc. The downside...
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    Kitty spares

    Keep your eyes peeled for a cheap donor kity
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    I read the thread title and immediately thought of chicken.... coronation chicken 🤣
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    My Chair

    They say 0 views until someone clicks a picture to zoom in, then it'll say one I like the little birdsmouth on the back slats where it joins the seat 👍 Good job
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    My waterfall river tables

    Very nice. Yep, ive done a couple of resin tables, first one was a steep learning curve, second one still had a couple of things that tried to screw me over 😆 Practice makes perfect! One thing that sped me up was orbital wet n dry..... yes, water and 240v isnt clever. I just use a spray bottle...
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    Cutting on worktop/ blade clearance

    I was thinking of this type of bench dog 😆
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    What is this ?

    I gotta go with the bin suggestions. The cost in time and hasstle when things go wrong just isnt worth it 🙃
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    Dewalt dw743 flip saw sticking

    Try replacing the capacitor, thats often the symptoms you describe
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    Cutting on worktop/ blade clearance

    You definately need to invest in bench dogs, they'll scare off the bench cats for you 🤣
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    Kity 613 bandsaw help

    Theres another possibility..... the tyre may have disintegrated and turned to mush ( i bought one like that ) I bought replacement tyres from a company near exmouth? You want the 4.8mm ones. But white spirit or acetone should clean up most types of gunk.