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  1. J

    Fobco drill press clean up

    interestingly Mr o'bryans remaining family settled in Australia. (his dad's name was f o' Bryan hence fobco) he had a nice bungalow in swadlincote.
  2. J

    The rescue of an old Multico tenoner

    I agree taking everything apart and putting the table on would be a nuisance. the tenoner and spindle working in tandem is so natural it was an idea to far. maybe they envisioned the tm as a hobby machine( it looks a bit skeletal) but it's very heavy but once set up cuts tenons as well as any. I...
  3. J

    The rescue of an old Multico tenoner

    love my multico and I reckon they probably did make thousands. the spindle table that replaced the sliding table is so rare I've never yet seen one( only on the advert)
  4. J

    Woodwork design books

    this is a bit like are there any books on writing music I'm good at playing an instrument but want a book on writing a tune. the music you write will reflect your personal likes. so pick what you really love and then try and distil it into an essence that ticks your boxes.
  5. J

    Disposal of wood chippings

    they have rules and the shavings go in either waste wood or compostable. they can't object because it's a nuisance or any other whimsical reason. for instance I always try and keep some wood on any windows because then i can pitch them in the waste wood. oh no we can't take any glass " it's a...
  6. J

    Barn door construction questions (what timber sizes to use)

    my take on this is make the from stiles from 9 by 3 unsorted cut to any size over 4 inch( top rails to). thickness 2 inch or more. 20mm tandg. 30mm(+) mid and bottom. all wedged m and t. barefaced mid and bottom .
  7. J

    Watts Brothers morticer?

    whilst it looks a great old beast the biggest problem is usually the sheer weight of the beast. and spares( if there ever needed)
  8. J

    Startrite 352S acquired but how do I...

    definitely a tail lift van on a pallet and a pallet truck makes for an easy life. tbh though my 300s is really lightweight. I don't reckon the 352 is much heavier bar the table. it's usually getting heavy stuff on and off the back of a van that's difficult tbh.
  9. J

    Which aquamac ?

    my thinking is the compression seal works well with multipoint locks. the wiping seal aq21 doesn't give lots of " resistance when closing. I'm with doug whilst I admire the manufacture of modern style joinery( u values multipoints espags seals etc) the look often leaves me cold. I was with a...
  10. J

    Which aquamac ?

    many put aq21 as a wiping seal and the other popular one(senior mo)as a compression seal on the rebate. I do prefer just aq21 as a wiping seal personally(tbh I prefer none) set into a groove( like the router bits do) that way I can make them a good fit. why no seal at the bottom? is it for...
  11. J

    Record Ridgeway Quality

    Sheffield cast steel was almost always made from swedish bar iron.
  12. J

    LIOGIER rasps......etc......

    I believe they are case hardened files better for semi hard materials still work on wood but even more expensive!
  13. J

    Advice on spindle moulder purchase

    my opinion is a preference for moderner machinery. obviously of good quality. I have an scm t40n which are available in single phase. it's a great machine almost silent without a cutter and the tilt can be useful(backward tilt better than forward tilt) a power feed is almost essential in my...
  14. J

    Outdoor furniture, how wide can the slats be?

    in my experience wide boards are unavoidable for certain parts. I've learnt to make sure the cup is convex. the difference is quite marked. concave cup is constantly submerged convex is self draining.
  15. J

    ring fence or bearing guides

    the only way I can imagine of constructing a door like this is on a central ladder frame. so the board intersections align with the ladder frame rails maybe even a similar frame inside. the ladder frame edges need to be oak. anyone else seen this before? or got ant ideas
  16. J

    ring fence or bearing guides

    it's not a fake well only in the sense it's a fake medieval castle door. it's from 1850 it's not a private house it's an old school made by the same builders.
  17. J

    ring fence or bearing guides

    here's the hardware. has anyone made anything similar?
  18. J

    ring fence or bearing guides

    here's a close up
  19. J

    ring fence or bearing guides

    I've had a close up look at the original door and it's got a slightly mysterious construction. mainly because I can't access the inside. the planks on the outside are arranged thus
  20. J

    Making a casement window (single glazed)

    coley hasn't been on the forum since april 2022.