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  1. NikNak

    king Size Mattress price

    Dont be talked into one you can't/don't need to turn over... as you're paying the same for only half the filling/wadding (only on one side). This is an excellent start for all things mattresses... Handmade Mattresses | John Ryan By Design - UK Bed Retailer
  2. NikNak

    5minute epoxy

    Having worked with epoxy's for circa 30yrs i'd be more concerned with the side effects of the chippings and dust that will come from the epoxy glue while turning. Glove up and air respirator.....ANY sign of swelling or puffiness around your eyes STOP AND DO NOT CONTINUE. I've worked with guys...
  3. NikNak

    Wanted Pen turning.

    Hi Paul If you're still looking then i have a brand new pen mandrel (i bought 2... dont ask why🙄) plus some other bits'n'bobs, trimming sets, bushes, blanks, etc etc left over from when i was well into turning. Only problem is its a 2mt at both ends. If you can source a 1mt to 2mt then i can...
  4. NikNak

    Wildlife trail cameras

    Here's a couple of photo images and 2 shortened video clips from last night.... supposedly 12mp images and 1080p video. Doesn't seem to matter what i change in the settings menu this is how they all come out. And yes i've even turned down the 'brightness/exposure' setting too. Camera is about...
  5. NikNak

    Wildlife trail cameras

    @Woodpeker... compared to the so called 12mp & 1080p of the Apeman your (wifes) video and pictures are A-MAY-ZINGGG..!!! Does anyone else care to share some examples.? I'll try and upload some of the Apeman pictures and video
  6. NikNak

    Wildlife trail cameras

    Care to share any images/video so we can see the quality.?
  7. NikNak

    Wildlife trail cameras

    Hi all, looking to get a wildlife trail camera to record to goings on of the hedgehogs in our garden. We've borrowed an 'Apeman H45' from one of our neighbours. Fairly easy to use and setup, but the images are a bit umm lacking(?) certainly not the megapixel or HD clarity that i was expecting...
  8. NikNak

    Electric vehicles - again The GK is another bit of English rarity(?) Only ever 99 built. The final 100th was built from 'spare parts' before the company finally collapsed. I got to ride in no100 when they all left Eastleigh airport and went...
  9. NikNak

    Solar panels: do they save money?

    Yes it does. As does the massive subsidies paid to the wind energy companies that started over 30 years ago when wind energy was just a whim in the minds of beardy weirdy's. Look where we are now.... When we moved into our current home (20ish yrs ago) there was a scheme at the time to go and...
  10. NikNak

    Solar panels: do they save money?

    This is true, see here.... What Happens to Feed-in Tariff Payments When You Move?
  11. NikNak

    Solar panels: do they save money?

    We've had our 3.6kW system, 14 panels, running since Nov 2012. Added a Solar iBoost to heat the hot water tank 4yrs ago. And last summer i changed my car to an ev and had a Zappi installed. House/roof faces ESE so we get the early clear blue morning skies. The initial system paid for itself (if...
  12. NikNak

    Off my nut

    hmmmm.... having read and reread (several times) your initial posting, are you sure its toothache.? The reason i say this is because we have a friend who's also been totally 'floored' by excruciating pain the same as you're describing. Only difference is... she takes care of her dental hygiene...
  13. NikNak

    Wrist watch recommendations

    My first watch was a Seiko and ever since then i feel i'm almost 'wedded' to the brand. Don't know why, just love them. If money were no object i'd love a Credor. Plain. Basic. Does the job. But in ohhh so much style. I treated myself to an Apple iwatch last March. Splashed out and got the black...
  14. NikNak

    Things that bug you!!

    Yeah similar vein... ordered a Makita cordless mower via Toolstation's ebay website as there was a 15% off deal. Clearly advertised on the selling page, it even said "save 15% today" Went through the whole process of put it in basket/go to pay etc only to be told 'sorry that offer has expired'...
  15. NikNak

    Different voltages in rechargeable batteries

    Cheers guys... So if i'm interpreting this right :unsure: a 80volt tools with a 5 or 7.5 Ah battery should give me the best of all worlds.?
  16. NikNak

    Different voltages in rechargeable batteries

    I'm looking at getting some cordless garden tools and slightly confabulated by all the different voltages available. I understand that the Amp Hour of the battery is the 'running time' of the tool... X no. Ah = number of working mins etc.? (depending on tool of course) But all the different...
  17. NikNak

    Electric vehicles - again

    As an island surrounded by water why is there not more tidal power. The tides are guaranteed, wind isn't.
  18. NikNak

    Crazy world

    sorry Sheptonphil you just beat me to it :ROFLMAO:
  19. NikNak

    Crazy world

    For the average home user HP Instant Ink is the way to go. We bought an HP OfficeJet 4658 (print/scan/copy) about 6yrs ago from Currys, seem to recall it cost £59.99. It came with a £50 cash back from Currys in the form of an Instant Ink subscription. Plus the model we bought also came with 9...