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  1. J

    ring fence or bearing guides

    I've got a juicy job coming up that got an arch top( it's a door see photo) my previous spindle had a good solid ring fence. this one did not come with one. am I better buying a ring fence off the bay there's a kity one that's looks flimsy and overpriced at the minute. or making a sturdy one.. I...
  2. J

    sandwich board

    made an A board for a decorator friend of mine. as I'll probably never make another ill "show my workings" After searching on pinterest I found a design I liked. it was for Sally lunns restaurant in Bath. I was quite concerned with it rotting as its outside most of the time so I chose a...
  3. J

    corners on 45 degree bay

    what is the best way to machine the posts in the corners of a 45 degree bay casement. I'm pretty confident with the outside its the angles on the inside I'm concerned with mostly. cheers in advance.
  4. J

    morticer advice

    Can anybody put me straight on a suitable morticer. I use what I think is an ancient record bm morticer. it's a bit worn out of alignment on the up down slide. . won't adjust as it sags at the most used height. or seizes anywhere else. anyway it introduces pita accuracy issues that I could do...
  5. J

    frezite multicut 5 spindle tooling

    has anyone ever come across this set of 5 cutters? I've had good success making all manner of stuff from windows to staff beads. the wall chart gives many many options(obviously involving multiple passes/ cutters)
  6. J

    coping sled for spindle

    I'm making some windows and looking through my spindle cutters I do have the correct mould it's a 6mm quarter round with quirks. I also happen to have the scribe cutter. what I don't have is any sort of coping sledge to run the scribe. the tenon will be started on the multico then the scribe...
  7. J

    old growth redwood

    every time I price accoya I always think how can it not make sense to grow redwood until its bigger then sell that for exterior joinery. why are we trying to reinvent the wheel? as long as there's no sapwood I'm sure it would endure. surely the extra cost would be fairly minor. obviously the...
  8. J

    bandsaw blades

    what's the forums current prefered supplier for bandsaw blades? I think my last lot was from dragon saws
  9. J

    making moulding using h and r

    I've been making a large pine moulding for an arts and crafts exterior. I roughed it using a dado head and set about with an 18 hollow and round. I've made about 15ft of altogether. I had no issue with the hollow or the round ( these are trickier to sharpen and use) but the round often...
  10. J

    bradshaw sash vid

    just watched a few bits of this. I don't understand why he would put the rebate inside. I see it makes a a fake putty bead. and it allows bead glazing but what am I missing. he does say to drain the rebate just in case but I can't see that working for years. I like him but I struggle to follow...
  11. J

    what happened to Alf

    odd question I know but I've just been trawling the archives...what happened to that prodigious poster alf? has she given up wood altogether. she must have posted thousand of sometimes hilarious and always entertaining posts. me jacob and alf had one thing in common...any guesses?
  12. J

    having spindle cutters ground

    I've just found a pair of sash templates with a really attractive profile.( see pics) I would like to have a pair of cutters ground to match then scribe the frames by hand using the templates. does anyone know any firms that would do this at a reasonable cost. I know of whitehill but any more...
  13. J

    furniture and cabinetmaking

    just picked up a double deal(241) of this mag. what's happened? it's pure cod. and I can't get my money back! fine woodworking is no longer sold through third party sellers so I got my refund and tried this!
  14. J

    pricing par pine

    I spent a fruitless 3 hrs pricing 8 by 1 redwood for a batch of adirondacks . it started by a trip to heaths in leek..invariably the best and cheapest around. unfortuneatly roadworks were set up right outside so after a long wait I got to the yard....hgv was blocking access so I just went to...
  15. J

    scaffold board rubbish

    there is a firm close by me that make furniture using scaffold planks(probably one close to many of us) called dab chic. After having a look online I was astounded how shoddy it looked really just thrown together with a few cod words chucked in massaged sustainable eco etc. why is this even a...
  16. J

    arnold laver

    my local timber yard(hymor) has just been brought out by these. has anyone got any experience with them? what benefits will they bring? hymor I've always found good but overpriced at my level. and a bit awkward to buy from. as an example I phoned the other week asking about there prices of...
  17. J

    b and q pressure treated timber

    I've just started to repair my decking and every joist apart from one from b and q was in perfect condition. the other ones were sawn and treated especially for me from a Woodyard the other side of Nottingham. the b and q joist and all other pressure treated wood from b and q was totally rotted...
  18. J

    valspar v700 wood and metal

    just a recommendation for this product. I've just sprayed a wardrobe using this and I'm very impressed. it dries nicely hard in good time. and I found its just right for going through an air assisted airless pump. obviously it's huge advantage is its available at b and q mixed in all colours...
  19. J

    gate design suggestions

    hi guys can anyone give me any good ideas of what the original gate design would be in the photo.
  20. J

    air assisted airless

    hi peeps just wondering if anybody knows much about these things. what the figures mean ie 30/1 and which ones best for water based paint. they seem very confusing but I'm thinking everything does til you have an understanding!