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    Plunge saw - battery or corded?

    I bought a TS55 when the only other option was Mafell as well. I got two 1400 rails and never had an issues. More than a decade later it still looks like new (under dust) and works like new in my 'table noways connected to a vacuum. I have also bought the TSC55 which I use with it's built in...
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    Festool 576481 18V TID Impact Drill Bare Unit in Systainer £149 at FFX

    couple of days ago there were more than 150 units...
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    Anyone worked with holly?

    all my Holly is aimed at turning and is pretty wood. I did once have a large trunk of straight holly but family member sort fit to give it away (to Axminster tools :() If it was me on this (and although an Engineer) I have never built a bike frame, I would look at Ash first for the Morgan...
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    Dust extraction - bandsaws

    Don't think of this in terms of volumes but velocity of the gas stream. Change the area, you change the velocity if the flow remains the same (which it does not for HVLP systems). 100mm has 2.5x the cross sectional area compared with 63mm.
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    Cabinet Maker'sRasps

    I get the hand stitched rasps, they are a joy (mine are Liogier) but Narex rasps might be worth a look for more affordable ones, no complaints about mine. Wide range available in both styles, sizes and different number of stitches that cover everything.
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    Festool 576481 18V TID Impact Drill Bare Unit in Systainer £149 at FFX

    Long term fan of impact drivers but never owned one so always has been on wish list. I had looked at the Festool to fit into my battery system but struggled to justify but found FFX latest offer today and pulled trigger on base unit for only £149 in Systainer which I felt was a great price. So...
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    CamVac 386-5 or Axminster AW118CE

    Cyclnoe attachment are an excellent idea for CanVac (and many other vacuums if compatible). They take the load off the filters but don't forget that a blocked filter is one that has done / doing it's job, the ones we should worry about are the ones that pass the dust through. A blocked filter...
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    CamVac 386-5 or Axminster AW118CE

    Cam Vac will do all you want (though you may want a larger volume model?), the Axminster will not do the likes of sanders which is the problem material. Respirable fine particulate (sanders) is the issue, a planer spiral is non respirable and just an inconvenience. Hooked on wood video and...
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    Dust Extractor Hose

    Smooth bore hoses are preferable and in short lengths for best performance. Festool hoses however are excellent but pricey. They do come in different sizes. I use 27mm for sanders, 36mm for mitre saw and 50mm for table saw in my workshop as different tools will have different demands. In fact...
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    Axminster AT406WL or Record Power Coronet Herald?

    I am going through a similar process atm, I have done some legwork but not pulled the trigger on bigger lathe just yet (sorted all the other things out first). This lathe will be my second real Lathe (actually third but you would laugh at the first!). The problem is though I am fine on tiny...
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    Lidl One Handed Clamps

    I went to have a look at these as I need some more longer clamps for a work bench build. They surprised me so came out with a set of 8 to add to my existing stock of clamps (longer ones are all Bessey). As the previous poster has said, they are very different from their previous efforts / my...
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    I was always in favour of cartels, they sponsored my university career! We used to get 7gms of diamond for every 100 tonnes of Rock at The Cullinan based Diamond mine! Not much but often much bigger than the industrial diamonds we use routinely. I have been thinking about this one again over...
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    I have been through a similar process recently and eventually went Robert Sorby Pro edge for my (low) use it was hard to justify a Tormek especially with the diamond wheel. No one had a bad word about the RS, but I did winch when I looked at the diamond belt. I fully get for a pro this may be...
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    labelling wood in your ‘store’

    I have struggled with this also. Tried chalk but it comes off. Chinagraph good. I also use sharpie on tape and directly (with no issues). Pencil also used. In the end I mark by more than one method just in case. I like the idea of end grain however, not thought about that. I did ask by email a...
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    Lidl impact Wrench

    Can you get the battery back to the UK? There are many restrictions on battery transports internationally noways.
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    100mm vacuum extractor

    Best advice I can give is keep all pipe length as short as possible and change to smaller diameter at the last possible opportunity. Keep the 'stretchy' hose we all love to minimum length if possible (I often fail here as too convenient!).
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    100mm vacuum extractor

    You will be fine using this at 50mm due to the higher pressure than a conventional chip extractor which would be a disaster at 50mm down from 100mm. This is sort of a half way house and not a bad compromise at all because they are resilient to hose diameter changes. A chip extractor is terrible...
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    Carbide tool choice help please for lathe turning

    anyone got any David Lloyd tools?