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    Router Bits ?

    Cheers both. Ordered from Wealden, received next day with free P&P and saved, including P&P, £9 compared to the cost of CMT bits and P&P for one item from another supplier. Quality is as good if not better than CMT, well impressed! I owe you a beer Neil :wink:
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    Router Bits ?

    Cheers Neil, I'll have a look.
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    Router Bits ?

    Hello, over the years I've been using CMT router bits for all my routing but would like a change mainly due to the increase in cost of these bits compared to other makes of equal quality. Can anyone recommend an alternative make/s ? Thanks all. DT.
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    Milescraft Spirocrafter ?

    I was hoping to do a thorough review of this excellent accessory but as with all things in this life my router has just packed up and it'll be a while before I replace it so a very thorough and comprehensive and well written review can be found here: ...
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    Routers (again!!)

    For those unfamiliar with the excellent Triton Router here's a bit of info: Currently on EbayUK for £10.50 'New' ... 6007066623 On sale here: DT :wink:
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    Beetroot ?

    It does indeed, thank you very much for your advice, have a free beer on me :D Cheers.
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    Beetroot ?

    Is it possible to use the red dye a Beetroot contains as a stain and if it is, what's the method of sealing it ?
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    Ebay problem.

    As everyone has said, I hope all goes well for you with this problem. Looking through the Sellers other items some listings for new stuff require the Buyer to pay extra VAT but other listings for new stuff don't mention this plus why make the payments payable to a person instead of the business...
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    Milescraft Spirocrafter ?

    I'll do that this coming week :wink: Just test my sig atm :D
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    Milescraft Spirocrafter ?

    Well I bought this excellent, simple to use accessory so unless someone else has done a review on it in here I might do one :wink:
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    Axminster - customer service debate

    To be brief, it is rare I will order from Axminster these days as I tend to use other companies with as good/far greater range but I did recently order an Axminster white sliding mitre saw from them. The outer box was not damaged, the inner box was fine but the saw, well you wouldn't believe it...
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    Sawblades - CMT vs Freud ?

    I read with interest on an Internet page that at a football match a couple of years ago, a Freud 10" sawblade had been used during the match as a vicious projectile, fortunately no-one was injured, so it's safe to assume Freud blades are the preferred favourite of football hooligans but how...
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    Cordless routers ?

    Is there such a thing as a cordless router ?
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    Perspex and the router ?

    Can you use a router to cut a design in clear 8mm perspex sheet ?
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    Biscuit joining question.

    So what make of biscuits (Non-edible :D ) does everyone recommend ?
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    Milescraft Spirocrafter ?

    Come to think of it, can someone look in the April or May edition of Woodworker and woodturner magazine as there is a review of this gadget and I think it says where you can get it to ? Cheers :)
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    Milescraft Spirocrafter ?

    Does anyone know where I can get this accessory in the UK ? Cheers
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    tool collectors link

    Nothing to do with Alf's workshop but I found the person that runs the website at this link: very helpful when trying to identify a tool no one else could identify (didn't ask in here because it was before I discovered this place!) :wink: