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    Metabo SXE450 Sander - how to use?

    Just started using my new sander. I've even read the manual. However, it doesn't explain very well how to change from 3mm orbit to 6mm orbit. I understand you press in the red button and turn the pad anticlockwise until it locks..... but how do you know if you've locked it in 3mm or 6mm? Am I...
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    Random Orbital Sander - Festool or not

    I'm in the market for a new random orbital sander. I hear people swear by their Festool tools but their sander is around twice the price of others. Is it really worth the extra money? Does it work twice as fast? Does it give a finish that is twice as good? Is it twice as quiet? Does anyone...
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    FOR SALE: DeWalt 733s Planer/Thicknesser

    Since I've upgraded to a bigger machine, I have a DeWalt 733s Planer/Thicknesser for sale. It's 4 years old, comes with a spare set of re-sharpenable blades, the original leg stands + an wheeled base unit and table extension. It's a great machine and in perfect condition. I'm in Devon if...
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    Best finish for table with breadboard ends

    I made a table with breadboard ends recently and finished with 3 coats of pre-cat lacquer. However, as the main part of the table expanded (the wood was very dry!) I have found that where the grain of the breadboard ends is perpendicular to the grain of the main part of the table the lacquer...
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    Rojek machinery reviews

    I have been offered a Rojek planer/thicknesser for a very good price but have no experience of Rojek. Does anyone have any Rojek machinery or does anyone know of any reviews. The only one I've come across is in Fine Woodworking that reviewed 5 combi machines. I've read that Rojek are a little...