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    Replacing plastic window trim

    Hi all, Wasn't quite sure where to post this question so hoping general woodworking will do. I'd like to replace the plastic trim on our bedroom windows with something that has a little more detail, preferably a wooden architrave. Feeling all excited and productive I pulled off some trim to...
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    Recommendations for tracksaw and router upgrades

    Afternoon, I have bought myself some toys to enable me to complete a project. The router and tracksaw are both second hand but with little usage. I'd like to work on my skills with these tools and make mistakes in the comfort of knowing I haven't spent the earth on them. After reading a topic...
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    Homemade router table and fence help

    Hi all, New to the forum so please forgive what will no doubt seem like daft questions. I'd like to build some alcove cupboards and bookshelves (two in fact). I am quite excited about the project and after reading a fair few threads on here I've managed to successfully NOT go out and buy loads...