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    SIP Power Toos

    hi i have a few s i p tools air compresser belt/disc sander thicknesser and i think your hard pressed 2 beat them when it comes to perfomance when you consider the cost! the compresser is 8/9years old i use it most weeks for work (fencing) and its never bin in the shop for repear or mist a...
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    Newbi needing advice!

    hi i had a air arms s410 extra,walnut was my choice,took the odd nock with without to much bother! looks very nice 2, as for the timber just a shot in the dark (pun intended) could b birch as its not yet fully dryed looks close to a birch i felled a few years ago but just alittle darker in colour!
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    sears craftsman 10inch radial saw

    top man bob im gonna order the bearings asap and give it a go ill let u know how things pan, out fingers crossed! once more thanks ben
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    sears craftsman 10inch radial saw

    thanks bob thinking about it one of the 2 bearings does have a little play but very minuet not sure if enough 2 cause the problem! but u sound like u know what your talking about, how much play is is to much or is any play to much?thanks for the link i will have a look i realy hope it helps cos...
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    sears craftsman 10inch radial saw

    hi 2 all , i have bought a used sears craftsmanradial armsaw it came with a problem wich is it will run 4 a few secs and sounds like a bag of nails, its brushles so its not that!ive disconected the blade brake so i dont think its that allthough it does"nt get up 2 speed has anyone any idea or...