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    Cost of housebuilding

    Simple answer= too much variables..and how much of it you are doing yourself? just for foundation/shell/insulation/roof/windows/outside if you are doing EVERYTHING YOURSELF and just pay for materials you can do that for as little as 20-25k , than comes the expensive part= finishing the inside to...
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    Grab Adhesives

    I have tried a lot of them, the best I have used has been the pinkgrip at around $2 a tube, I have tried the stixall as well but it wasn't really any better=more or less the same but only at least 2x more expensive. same price green gripfill has been terrible as is just one of the worst there...
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    Trying linseed paint - £141.68 for 1 litre

    What is that website? I usually don't care about where people spend their money as it's not really my business. however you deserve to get shafted if you even consider purchasing that stuff at those prices. Search around, you can get that stuff for 3-10x cheaper, it may not be under those fancy...
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    Travel distance to workshop

    I manage with about 25m2 space - However... I have another room where to store things like materials and stuff I rarely use so they don't get in a way. Build your workshop as smart as possible, combine things and you can manage with way less space.. Make wall racks where you can store some stuff...
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    Faithfull planes

    Good luck sir, You will really need it!
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    Which vintage Plough/Combination Plane should you buy?

    ok so a Record 405 , stanley 45 and seems like the Stanley 55 is also good? Anything else could be added to the list that has the same quality/capability as those 3?
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    Which vintage Plough/Combination Plane should you buy?

    I'm looking to purchase a combination plough plane ,however there are quite a few models from record/stanley/lewin , I'm after the best stuff there is with the best type of blades/design/functionality. Maybe someone has used/researched this stuff and can comment on which plane models are the...
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    Lidl's quibble quibble 3 year tool guarantee

    I know someone with lidl mulitool as well - it's just garbage only fit for skip, I guess you Live and learn? For this reason I rarely ever buy something from lidl tool range- they are all pathetic immitations which are very poorly made in cheap china workshops NOT Germany as their markings...
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    Which is a Good Manual Mitre saw?

    out of interest, what are you cutting with it? how often and to what precision do you work? It can perfectly cut small trim pieces- just because you can't notice any blade wander in small pieces as they are so small. Try cutting a 15cm tall skirting board to joint it together with another...
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    Can you Buy These Proper Vintage Mitre saws in UK?

    I see they are quite popular in USA and very plentiful , However I have searched whole UK ebay and can't really find anything like this. I'm after a nice properly made vintage one with nice and thick castings and with an actual saw like that not the flimsy parody nobex-type ones. They are called...
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    Shipping/Picking up Tools
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    Which is a Good Manual Mitre saw?

    Seems like they are very very very rare as well? Just one sold on ebay in the last 3-4months.
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    Which is a Good Manual Mitre saw?

    I want to purchase a good quality manual mitre saw that is actually a good quality tool and can produce excellent results- it will be used for trim work mostly but also for some regular mitre saw usage when I will be working away from power outlet. I currently got a nobex champion 180 which...
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    How Much Does Woodworking Cost?

    Am I the only one who gets way more enjoyment and satisfaction by searching for tools that I need which are in mint condition but are ''used'' - and I can pay for them few pennies on a pound instead of just walking in a shop and buying it new but for 5-20x more , I could afford the 2nd option...
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    Lumber Costs

    I have been in UK only few times and the timber has been really really expensive there and mostly very bad quality, for good quality timber expect to pay A LOT and expect to drive around A LOT to find the quality at the price needed. German timber is very cheap compared to timber in UK :)...
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    How Much Does Woodworking Cost?

    It's only cheap for people who buy their tools over few years and don't keep a list of how much everything has cost them... When buying tools I look 4-5years ahead and their future values, If I Know I will be able to get for the stuff I buy more or less the same money some years later I consider...
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    Which vintage Blockplane to get?

    I'm now after a blockplane (for endgrain/edge trimming & other odd trimming jobs), I have been checking ebay and I'm confused with all the different models there are. I heard that I would need a low angle block plane for this sort of stuff but not sure if any of those vintage old record/stanley...
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    Is this a good Plane? ( stanley)

    Alright thanks :) I kinda wanted wood handles myself and one of the older planes, but I have been searching on ebay for ages and all of the planes which are in nice presentable condition go for ridiculous money. Or...You can purchase something that is rusted out and beat up :( I found someone...
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    Is this a good Plane? ( stanley)

    I have been looking to purchase jointer plane and a near mint one came up for good price, however... I'm not sure how old it is and is it any good? It even has a packaging which doesn't looks old so Im worrying if its any good if its one of the new releases :( :( :( I have no idea how to tell...