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    Naerok WL12037

    Hi Everyone, After a very long break from the forum due t family commitments etc I have just taken delivery of a Naerok WL12037 lathe. I understand it's quite an old lathe, but I'm hoping it will keep me entertained for quite some time. I have a few questions and wondered if anyone could help...
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    pen turning.

    ok after many attempts (2 or 3) to get a decent 2nd hand lathe, i've given up (for now). Initially i was wanting to make pens and then move up in size once i got the hang of it. I have seen some small lathes going quite cheap, but what do i need for pen turning ie can anyone recommend a decent...
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    Starting from scratch

    Hi everyone, At present i'm turning my garage into a workshop (for a hobby, not a career, yet). So far i've built myself a workbench (just still waiting for the benchtop materials). Most of my tools are pretty cheapo stuff, and what i want to know is what types of things should i be looking...
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    My first project

    Hi Everyone, just thought i'd show a pic of my first ever project. Admitedly, I'm pretty rubish at DIY, but i needed a workbench and found a magazine from the USA with a "weekend" project in it. Only half way through, and i have had to cut all the wood myself, so it's not all 100% accurate :)...
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    beginners buying advice

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post so hopefully its in the right place. I'm really wanting to get into woodturning, and have bought the Woodturning Foundation Course book and am waiting for it to be delivered. Im looking for a cheap lathe that would be good to start with (ie not too...