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    Summer challenge

    Saved by this site not being on BST....
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    Summer challenge

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    Summer challenge

    Might have just made it after all - very rushed photos!!!!
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    Potpourri bowl. Very wide rim that shows off the contents. 8" wide and 3.5" deep. The outside was ebonies and the rim has some gold finish. The bowl was made from Ash. All completed with a Hamlet Bowl Gauge (one of their double ended) Very please with the inside as it's a very nice "curve"
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    Summer challenge

    Argggghhhh Just got back from a weekend away and missed it. Hey ho
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    Hi all - firstly sorry it's taken so long to post my SS-2014 gift. But here is a wonderful box - with fantastic dovetails (only wish i had the patience and skill :-) ) AS the bottom of the box is stamped I do know who the generous SS is - but in the sprit of the first S of SS... you know who...
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    Steve's workshop - Painting the outside walls

    Steve, been following this from the beginning - and have to say this is a wonderful build story - not just the physical build but how the tone of your posts have become so much more optimistic - set backs (which are almost inevitable) don't seem to get you down as much as they did. To use a over...
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    November Woodturning Challenge - THE REQUIREMENTS

    Just haven't had the time for September and October's challenges - but should have time in November - lots of shed time making Christmas presents so will make someone something fruity as well....
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    2015 Woodturning Challenge

    I would like the monthly comp's to continue - they challenge me to improve my skills, the critique is often very good and again helps me improve.
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    record CL4 lathe bearing

    Hi Try giving Record Power a call - their technicians are excellent; and gave me a lot of advice when i refurbished my old CL-4 Sammo
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    August Comp - Missed the deadline

    Unfortunately I am away all of September so not able to enter.
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    August Comp - Missed the deadline

    Ah yes. It is oak. My plan is to eventually make 4. Two for red wine two for white.
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    August Comp - Missed the deadline

    Ah yes. It is oak. My plan is to eventually make 4. Two for red wine two for white.
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    August Comp - Missed the deadline

    Well we have all been there - best laid plans and all that. I knew I was going to be busy at the end of August, so got myself organised and had my (first ever) Goblet ready within a few days of the start of the month. Then Bank Holiday to day have passed in a blur of activity, parties to...
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    Steve's workshop - Painting the outside walls

    Steve, are you thinking about heating at all, I have a more modest workshop my self and added two small oil filed rads that I leave on the low setting during the winter, made a huge difference to working during the winter months ( I am a hobbiest so mainly weekends) especially with condensation...
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    June Woodturning Challenge - THE RESULTS

    Well 4th... I am pretty pleased, bit like Steve F - I was not happy with the lid, struggled with the drill wandering, and yes there were chuck marks on the underside of the lid (well spotted) but i couldn't work out how to hold it. Have to agree that purple is not my colour either - but you...
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    Postage charges !!!!

    At risk of adding fuel to a bizarrely emotive subject, as a customer I ALWAYS add cost of goods + p&p = cost of item to me is that what I want to pay, how does it compare with other suppliers etc. appreciate that sometimes there is little choice (my very old bandsaw as an example) but in the...
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    June Woodturning Challenge - PLEASE POST YOUR ENTRIES HERE

    Bowl is made from a very plain piece of chestnut - I used purple stain and polished with hard wax. The lid is oak, not stained for contrast. The circumference is 10cm; height 10cm. The 'customer' for this is my daughter and her favourite colour is purple - hence the use of stain. The turning was...
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    So tried something different - Failed

    Pete - thanks for the link. I assume when using CA - you fill the cavity with the metal powder first, then 'pour' the CA over the top letting it permeate through. Think in this case I will simply colour the epoxy and see what I get - I think that the cracks that have appeared below the glitter...
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    So tried something different - Failed

    Hi Mick - the actual epoxy responds fairly well to being cut - it's the metal bits in the glitter that are causing all the problems - they are much harder than I though they would be.