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    Summer challenge

    Argggghhhh Just got back from a weekend away and missed it. Hey ho
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    August Comp - Missed the deadline

    Well we have all been there - best laid plans and all that. I knew I was going to be busy at the end of August, so got myself organised and had my (first ever) Goblet ready within a few days of the start of the month. Then Bank Holiday to day have passed in a blur of activity, parties to...
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    So tried something different - Failed

    So there I was turning a spalted Maple bowl - only to discover one area to be very very soft - so soft in fact it "fell out" - not to worry I thought - I wanted to try using some Epoxy and perhaps some metal - something shiny i thought.... Well I had this great idea - how about using glitter...
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    What Epoxy

    Wondering what Epoxy is the most popular / best value for money. I have a spalted maple bowl on the lathe and one area is so soft I decided to 'dig' it out and fill it with gold glitter mixed with epoxy. Well the 5 minute stuff didn't work (went off to quickly) and at £10 a go an expensive option.
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    Food safe wood

    Hi, are there certain woods that you cannot use to store food in, bowls, pepper grinders etc.... Any information about toxic wood I have found seems to focus on the dust hazards.
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    Why no touchy

    So went off to the Surrey Association of Woodturners (SAW) open day / show today; and very good it was too. The demo's were first class, and Axminster were offering a very generous discount. Spent a bit of time looking at the various club turnings etc... and was struck by the "do not touch"...
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    Bit of a band saw problem

    I bought a Stratright 14/s/5 bandsaw from good old ebay - all worked fine in the chaps workshop; apart from the stop button (had to switch off at the plug) got it home, and cleaned it up; now it starts then immediately stops again. Think the switch maybe faulty (although there is a chance it's...
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    Canada Electrics

    Hi all, anyone got any experience of importing from Canada? I am looking at a 220v Bandsaw and wonder if it's compatible with our quoted 240v UK electrics :x Gut feel is yes as although we quote 240 - electrical providers only commit to provide single phase in the range 210v - 240v Anyone...
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    A Neighbour kindly donated some Apple Tree logs (it had to be felled as it was half dead and rotten) - so I got the bits that were not! I am pretty new to wood turning and so far have only bought blanks. So got started trying to create some bowl blanks - and I seem to be creating more waste than...
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    Not having a lot of luck with my Record CL4

    There is a previous post - where I have replaced all the bearings / shaft et all... Then today - what happens..... The main motor shaft has sheared right off.... :cry: :cry: :cry: Not even running at a particular high speed... the last time I moved from low to high - I made sure that the...
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    1st square bowl

    Hi all This is my first attempt at a square edged bowl + mishap! The walls of the bowl are a little thick but I was concentrating on making sure I kept the square edge. It is made from Elm and Oak - the Oak is sandwiched between two pieces of Elm - all off cuts from a blanket box I am making...
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    Record Power - Excellent Service

    Been having a few problems with my CL-4 lathe. Some time ago the main spindle seized (I posted on this back last summer) - anyway it happened again, and after taking it all apart it there was some serious scoring on the inner surfaces of the bronze bearing. So gave Record power a call ordered a...
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    Power Tool Flex - worth cutting & putting connectors on?

    Hi Does anyone know about electrical flex? I am thinking of cutting all the trailing electrical leads off my power tools, then add a slim connector (like this close to the tool body - and effectively use extension leads as and when i need them...
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    Disaster Record CL-4 ceased HELP Advice needed

    Quite new to wood turning, and been making plenty of mess in my shed recently, practice, practice - today having a go at my first box, when the lath stopped - it's a CL4. Well after a bit of investigation it seems that the bearing has ceased - luckily enough I have a spare, and advice on how to...
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    New to turning

    Hi all New to the world of turning, and been simply 'mucking' about - trying different tools and using up loads of old scrap. Been watching a few DVD's and read a couple of books, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips for a LEFTY... All the instructions etc are all for you right handers out...
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    A Green Roof

    Hi - Some time ago we bought a log cabin as a replacement for a single garage (never parked a car in it) - very similar to this... ... up-sup-400 Last year i got around to insulating the 3 walls - the front wall is mainly windows and doors and i have not...
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    Woodworking Course

    I am looking to improve my woodworking skills before embarking on building some cabinets for my dining room. I have some basic (if out of practice :cry: ) skills, I tend to use a mixture of hand and power tools. I was wondering if anyone here could recommend a course - perhaps a couple of...
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    Wendy / play House

    I have been asked by a neighbor to build two Wendy houses, one for their granddaughter who is often at their home, and one for a niece who lives around the corner - it's important that both are the same so there isn't a element of "my house is better than yours" After looking on the web, it's...
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    Combination Machines

    As I got great advice when choosing a SCMS earlier this year - thought I would look for some more... I am thinking of buying a combination machine - Minimum of Table Saw / Spindle Moulder and thicknesser planner... It appears that this is the best option for someone like myself with a smallish...
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    Looking for a hardwood supplier in the South East

    I am in the Croydon area, and looking for a good hardwood supplier; I am planning to make a garden furniture set, and feel the need for some oak. I normally go to SLH in Croydon, but thought it would be nice to try somewhere else. Ps SLH has always given good service