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    Sharpening, Steel or both.

    With what I've recently seen regarding sharpening, does it mean that modern steels are a waste of time? My hunch is you need to sharpen property, this is the key. And if Buck Bros chisels can outperform PMV11 then woodworkers can divert funds to wood...
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    Workbench Build.

    I'm nearly finished with the project but thought I'd share what I've done so far. I wanted it to be a bench easy on the wallet and to fit into my garage at home. The base is made from glue laminated bearers that come in with timber deliveries and one piece of 9" x 2 1/2" softwood for the back...
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    Free Jack Plane

    Same brief as the "Free Try Plane" thread. What's different about the Jack I have is the length, it's 220mm instead of the website stated 240mm. Dlivery would be £4.00 Do note on this one, there is a dent on the sole on this plane. I hot Iron...
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    Free Try Plane

    I was sent a few things to review a good while ago but for various reasons reviewing tools is not something I can find time for. Most people I contacted about returning items did not want them back, so I held onto them in the hope I might use them. Nothing changed, and I still did not get to...
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    Handle Help

    Hello Does anyone have a small screw for plane handles on the larger Stanley planes going spare? The plane I have is a 4 1/2 but I'd assume a spare from the other sizes would work. Just after the one. Happy to pay a fair price and postage. Send me a PM if you can help.
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    Free DVD

    Free (just £2.90 postage, PM me for paypal). Like the holdfasts I was sent to try out, I never got to it. Would be great to hear some feedback if you get around to watching it.
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    Metal Cooper's Plane

    Evening, though you might be interested in seeing a metal cooper's plane. I've seen quite a few wooden ones but not one like this. Very robust construction.
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    Rusty Wrecks Still Make Great Planes

    I've recently acquired a collection of woodworking bits and bobs due to a friend of a friend passing away. I hadn't planned on discussing anything as it's all pretty normal stuff. There was a grim and rusty Stanley 4 1/2 in the collection. I was tempted to throw it away as it was so rusty, the...
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    Tool Marks

    Working on quite a few sash windows recently and found some nice evidence, of what I'm pretty sure would be the pitsaw. I guess it could be something else but I think it unlikely. I like finding stuff like this where it shows hidden areas were fine to be left "off the saw". The marks are on the...
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    Free Pair of Holdfasts

    Morning everyone! A while ago I was sent a pair of holdfasts for review purposes by Simon James. You can get the full blurb here ... auger.html I was hoping to experiment with them and write a review, however I'm unlikely to do that anytime soon. So if...
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    Wooden Compass Plane

    Reading Custard's thoughts on how using a cap iron effectively on a compass plane could be helpful I was reminded of a wooden compass plane we have. The plane seems pretty original but sadly to fragile to use. The plane iron in nice but quite new and that seems supported by the fact the cap iron...
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    Spoon Carving

    Nice video from Peter Galbert carving spoons
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    Pinie Glue Clamps

    It's been a while since I checked in on Paul's blog but Netflix decided to fail tonight so I decided to take a look. Seems like he's going to be making a version of the Pinie "glue clamps" ... ml#aPIN036 & ...
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    Making a Firewood Box

    My current project is a utility piece, a handy log bin/store/firewood box based on a shaker design. I have a alcove off to the side of the stove that should be the ideal spot. This is how far I've got ... pmziuy5u2j and I hope to have it finished up in the...
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    So much for so little

    Is it just the time of year or are vintage hand tools at a very affordable level on ebay? The versatile #4 is still dirt cheap, plenty of choice around £20.00. Chisels, even longer planes seem relatively good value. It seems even with an upturn in interest over the past few years it's still as...
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    Wooden Try Squares

    I've found it very enjoyable to make things used in the workshop. Tool Chest, Workbench, Mallet etc. These wooden try squares are also a fun little project using up scraps, in this case some beech with nice colour variation. They are a version of a try square used by British woodworkers. The...
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    David Savage

    If your are under 25 it would be worth your while checking this out
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    Video Help

    I might have gone crazy or imagined this but I saw a short clip of a video and did not bookmark it. It looked interesting but trying to google it brought me nothing. Here's what I can tell you I saw it recently The first scene was a shot almost looking like a scrap yard. Someone was making...
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    Three Projects Finished!

    I was really luck to get some workshop time this weekend just gone and got three projects all finished up. Feels really good to of got them done and have the workspace nice and organised. First one is a "Six Board Chest" that I made based on a design from the 18th Century I saw on Pinterest...
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    Making a Mallet I've wanted to make a mallet for a while to replace my Narex and I found a bit of time to take the project forward so I raided the scrap bin and found a bit of ash for the handle and iroko for the head. I like this style of mallet for no other reason...