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    Very sad news

    No bows and arrows!
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    Should you speak the truth?

    Talking about issues you have with the behaviours of another person is very difficult, especially to their face. In a situation where you are friends, it would be reasonable to discuss how you feel. Ideally before he went. If he followed protocol for his trip he hasn't done anything wrong...
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    Workshop apron or coat

    Just old clothes, jeans and sweatshirt type of thing.. I don't feel the need for a specific set of workshop clothing.
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    Sharpening chisels for a complete novice

    I've tried a few of the US comedy shows. Best so far, Trailer Park Boys (Conky and the Swaze express is the peak), Always Sunny, F is for Family have hit the spot thus far. The internet is very convenient.
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    Mid range/budget chisels

    You'll be waiting a while to pick up Lidl ones. They are fine but not worth waiting for. The Narex 8116 are decent enough Narex Chisels - 8116 Cabinetmakers Chisels Set of 6 (nat). If a set is a bit rich, just buy a 6mm 12mm and 25mm. They sell them separately.
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    Sharpening chisels for a complete novice

    A good honing guide is cheap. Less than £10.00 for a perfectly good clone of an eclipse. Grinding a thick iron (old wooden plane irons or modern thick version) is not much fun. You can do without one but eventually it will be useful to have a grinder. Many people who enjoy hand tools have a big...
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    Sharpening chisels for a complete novice

    DW, cult TV of the 90's, The Fast Show
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    First saw restoration

    Nice one Stan. In my experience, that saw plate is as good as it gets. I don't think you'll get the bright new saw plate look you're after. I would recommend moving onto sharpening and using them.
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    leather washer or no? I'm no expert. Andy T is very good on that stuff. I just love the logo. I've not noticed it being soft but I've not used and reviewed to the extent you have. I don't "need" 90% of the old chisels I pick up from...
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    What is going on on eBay??

    It's a good place to sell but not to buy. I like sifting through the chaos of Facebook sales. It's like going through old junk shops.
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    leather washer or no?

    The I Sorby firmer. It was a heavily used tool when I bought it from the local . I cut 12mm of the handle to get rid of the damage. Note the bulging leather washer. All original from what I can tell. I agree with Tony. I'm not in the market for chisels but they are attractive and would be...
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    leather washer or no?

    I've got some old chisels, workman-like. They have leather washers that have bulged. Yours I can barely notice. I think you're at the point with your tool making where it's up to you. I don't have the Seaton book to hand but I guess the leather washer is more of a 19th/20th century thing?
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    Dewalt dw625 vs makita rp2301fcxk

    Hi Aaron For me it's the DeWalt. It's not to the same quality as the Elu it copied when DeWalt bought the company but everything falls right to hand and it's still plenty good enough. I might be bias as I've used that pattern of router for 24 years.
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    Stanley 75 plane boxed

    Sounds like a good and useful selection of stuff 👍
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    Stanley 75 plane boxed

    Even a cowpat makes good manure.
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    Stanley 75 plane boxed

    A cheap cowpat that might solve a problem or make an existing problem worse. I'm not and expert but the box looks 60's or 70's. Tidy it up if you want, it can be fun to restore things. Or put in a drawer and see if you ever actually need it.
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    Draper Bandsaws

    Very difficult. I'm spoilt at work with industrial quality three phase machinery and have not had to work with lighter stuff before. I think I'll still take a punt on the biggest one Clarke do if it comes on promo. They do VAT free offers which would push me over the edge. If when I open it up...
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    Draper Bandsaws

    I might regret it, but I'm going to give a Clarke one a go as and when it goes on promotion. I would like to have a bandsaw at home but don't have the money justify a pricy one.
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    Anyone used Ohishi and/or king 10k stones?

    Ha! DW said the 12000 works well and if I wanted an uplift to try some polish on a block of wood.
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    Stanley router

    To much for and old router. Older Elu can be excellent but I'd save for something new.