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    Router Bits ?

    Hello, over the years I've been using CMT router bits for all my routing but would like a change mainly due to the increase in cost of these bits compared to other makes of equal quality. Can anyone recommend an alternative make/s ? Thanks all. DT.
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    Beetroot ?

    Is it possible to use the red dye a Beetroot contains as a stain and if it is, what's the method of sealing it ?
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    Sawblades - CMT vs Freud ?

    I read with interest on an Internet page that at a football match a couple of years ago, a Freud 10" sawblade had been used during the match as a vicious projectile, fortunately no-one was injured, so it's safe to assume Freud blades are the preferred favourite of football hooligans but how...
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    Cordless routers ?

    Is there such a thing as a cordless router ?
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    Perspex and the router ?

    Can you use a router to cut a design in clear 8mm perspex sheet ?
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    Milescraft Spirocrafter ?

    Does anyone know where I can get this accessory in the UK ? Cheers
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    Ideas for Xmas Presents

    Lord of the Rings - Return of the King Extended Version. Get the Extended version, four discs for just £17.99 inc. P&P from check out the other offers, great prices for those Xmas presents we've all got to get for those in our families not interested in woodworking :wink:
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    A Question for users of Chestnut Stains ?

    What two spirit stains mixed together will give as near black as possible or is black actually available from this range of stains ? Cheers
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    The A-Team

    As a kid it always amazed me how The A-Team could make an armoured car out of a toilet roll, a box of matches and a jar of stale olives or similar objects they managed to find in hedges but looking through the contents of my shed I've found a number of motors in full working order attached to...
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    Telescopes ?

    It appears I have inherited a telescope from an old friend, left to me in their will, which was a surprise. I didn't even know they had a telescope and I've never seen it. The image that came to mind was something along the lines of a Tasco but no, it's a Meade 8" LX200 Schmidt-Cassegrain...
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    Accurate Tape Measure ?

    Just what make is a good tape measure ? I'm fed up with the metal bits on the end of the tape coming loose from the rivetts and leading to inaccurate measurements when mm are all important. I don't mind paying a bit more for a good one, any suggestions ? Cheers.
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    Cutting Mitres ?

    For some reason me and mitres just don't workout very well. I think I've measured up correctly, allow for the kerf on my mitre saw, and yet still end up with mitres of different lengths, what the 'blue bottomed monkeys' am I doing wrong ?
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    Christmas Emoticons ?

    Charley, are you going to add a few Xmas themed Emoticons to the list ? You can find a good few here: Dave. T.
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    Finishing engraving ?

    I'm going to try my hand at engraving with a router (T3), but what should I use to finish the work piece off, wax might build up in the engraving so should I use a gloss varnish instead. The stain I'll be using will be one of the excellent Chestnut range of spirit stains. ?
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    Trend T3 ?

    Thinking of buying one of these, any cons/problems to look out for ?
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    For Metalworking Woodworkers

    Just in case any of you enjoy metalworking as well as woodworking, I came across this handy link: with a massive listing of all things metal :wink:
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    Sanding a disc ?

    Come up against a small problem. I've cut a 150mm disc of pine by 19mm thick but I need to sand the outer edge accurately. I have a disc sander and was wondering if there is a simple-to-construct jig available ? Cheers
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    Erbauer Mitre Saw ERBMS10

    I bought this excellent saw from Screwfix when they were having a 'generous' moment and had reduced it to £139.99, now back to £169.99 I see, but anyway this is a great tool to use. It has a very accurate laser to aid with cutting which can be easily adjusted. It is belt driven and 14 months...
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    Mitre Saw and Angles ?

    I came up against a problem that hasn't presented itself before as I haven't needed to cut angles greater than 45 degrees on my mitre saw but my question is, is there an easy way to cut angles greater than 45 degrees on a mitre saw and if there is what is it ?
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    Correcting an out of line 10" saw blade ?

    I have a table saw with a 10" blade but it cuts slightly out of line , what would be the best way to get it lined up to cut straight ?