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    remotely indicative

    Have a look at the baby monitors with a video option. Quick web search for £60 you get camera and monitor both mains powered, one part has rechargeable batteries but sits in charging station, 250m range, so could work. If you can get hold of a second hand one might be worth a try!
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    Startrite TA 175 Table Saw

    Hi Have a look here may be of help I have startrite bandsaw and table saw and have found this site a great help.
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    Recommendations of stockists of 80 different woods

    Thank you very much. I had stumbled on exotic hardwoods but haven't priced them up yet. Will definitely give Yandles a shout as pop down there regularly as they have a pretty good craft shop for little'un and do a good piece of cake! Does anyone remember the timber poster 20+ years ago by Craft...
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    Recommendations of stockists of 80 different woods

    Hello I am hoping that the collective knowledge of the forum may be able to help. I am trying to source 80 differing species of timber for a birthday present I would like to make for a relations 80th birthday. My idea so far is for pieces about the size of pen turning blanks ( eg 150mm x 25mm x...
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    18v Cordless Drill Advice

    I've got the 18v Hitachi kit 2 years ago and it does everything I need. Looked at metabo but couldn't justify the extra money at the time. Now have drill driver, impact driver, jigsaw, circular, torch, angle grinder. All with 18v 5ah batteries which are a little longer to charge that some now...
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    OSB for Kitchen Unit Doors??

    I reckon it could look amazing as you could use two layers of 11mm (which will be a nicer thickness for fitting kitchen cabinet hinges) and use something contrasting, paint, veneer etc, or go traditional shaker style maybe. Fitting a shaker kitchen at moment, mdf core with a vinyl wrapped door...
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    Startrite - Tilt Arbor Circular Saw

    Looks like a ts275 to me. I have the same only single phase. Love it. Built like a tank. Has a 5/8 th spindle (blade bore) and reducing rings available of fleabay. Blackrodd spot on with a crackin' link they have alot of Startrite manuals availble on their website to download. Have fun with it.
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    correct bore for Startrite 275 tablesaw blade

    Hi Bought some "reducing" rings from 30mm to 5/8ths off fleabay just so i can try some cheap blades off toolstation, but will by a couple of decent blades with the right bore later. They seem to work well.
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    Kitchen wood worktops

    Done the danish thing but prefer Osmo top oil, just used natural colour for a customer, looked great. Have found going too fine on the sanding prevents a nice amount of oil penetrating the worktop, but that might be just me. I think there used to be finish guidelines on the osmo website.
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    Toolstation disappointing

    I have always had great service from toolstation. The staff in store and on the end of the phone have always been really helpful. Imagine if a few of them worked for the utilities! The couriers on the other hand seem to be very variable.
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    looking for a new tablesaw

    Hi Warren6 I was in your position about 2 weeks ago and had increased my budget from 500 to 800 and very nearly settled on the charnwood. Had looked at the record and charnwood at yandles, read loads of reviews, was waiting for the charnwood day at yandles. Then i stumbled across "made in china"...
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    Pale Oak - finish and seal

    Hi Have a look at osmo top oil range. I have just fitted an oak worktop for someone who wanted natural look and was amazed by the little colour change once the oil had soaked in and dried. Unsure about the longevity of this colour but have the old top oil on oak at home and it has survived...
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    summerhouse made from telegraph poles

    Hi fobos8 Looking at your drawing, is the building going to have a concrete slab floor? If so why bury the poles at all. I have done similar things over the years and the worst place for rot is where the post leaves the ground. Why not site the poles on some steel flanges concreted into ground...
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    Design advice welcome

    Have a look at these guys, not cheap but crackin' kit. And their British! Lovely looking bench.
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    Handyman Insurance.

    Strangely I use A plan for van and home insurance however their tool cover product was £14 cheaper than NFU but was for deprecated value ( anything over ten years old that was stolen i'd get 50% of the value. Alot of my kit is in pretty good condition and over ten years old. ) so went with the...
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    Handyman Insurance.

    Hi I do something similar and can recommend NFU, they are not the cheapest but have the best product for the mad stuff I get asked to do from tree houses, kitchen fitting and landscaping at local schools. Also have a good tool cover policy which is new for old rather than the depreciation value...
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    Calling electrical sleuths

    Hi Have you got an induction hob? If so try switching it off at the "wall" one night and see if that makes a difference, as have heard some of the older models seem to have quite a hungry standby state! Just a thought while I munch me cornflakes!
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    Oak Frame Construction

    Hi. I did a similar project last year with little skills and knowledge. Thoroughly enjoyed it and generally pleased with the result. (Had a commission for a 12' one for the village so can't look too bad!) Another book I would recommend is "Building the Timber Frame House by Tedd Benson" it has...
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    Fein multimaster or cheaper equivalent?

    I was in a similar position, had to remove some gripfilled laminate up stands. Found an offer in Argos as only need the tool for this job. Offer is a multi tool (250w motor) and a pack of Bosch blades for £36. Would love fein but couldn't justify the expense. Did the job just wear ear defenders...
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    Help with Bandsaw motor problem.

    Just to update. Sorted it! Reversed the leads to the motor windings that were connected to the capacitor and now the motor spins in the right direction.