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    IKEA Sanding Hood

    Here is a link to the one I made. The idea is that the more enclosed the piece you are sanding is, the more dust you get before it gets into the air, even with power sanding. Eventually I will make one that sits down on the lathe body so it can stay up when I am turning, rather than taking it...
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    Hollowing bowls catching the chisel

    I have a couple up on You Tube as well, just type in robo hippy. Main reason for gouge catches on the inside of the bowl is having the flutes pointing straight up. Roll them away from the cut a bit, and that generally helps. robo hippy
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    New Woodturning Tools - As good as they sound?

    I have never been a fan of the ring tools, or hook tools, Just can't seem to get the hang of them. The Skewchigouge is an Allen Batty tool. I haven't used it specifically, but have been using half round bar stock for a couple of years with a very blunt angle on it, and very little sweep. Great...
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    Suart Batty woodturning

    I got to see him last year at the AAW Symposium. An excellent demonstrator, especially if you get to see he and Mike Mahoney doing their 2 Ways to Turn a Bowl demo. His exhibit had 6 cameras, 10 video screens, and was very high tech. I also checked out his grinder. I was really impressed to the...
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    Venting extracted dust from the workshop

    Some of the newer cloth and (better yet) pleated paper filters will remove dust down to 1 micron. No need to vent outside of the shop and lose what warm air you have. robo hippy
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    Jet 3520B

    I had the older Powermatic 3520A (now owned by WMH or whatever tool group, who also makes Jet tools) model and turned on it for 8 years. Great lathe. I abused it severely for the entire time I had it. I didn't like some of the changes to the B model. Speed ranges changed. The slow speed range...
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    Scraper parted company with handle..

    It might be a good time to make a new handle for your scraper. Most stock ones have a hole drilled into it, and then the scraper is pounded into place. I make a sandwich type handle. The meat and cheese part is a strip that is the same thickness as the tang and scraper. I mark and cut out with...
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    Long handles on scrapers

    I don't think any of my scraper handles extend past my elbow. I prefer them for heavy roughing on my bowls. 1 1/4 inch wide and 3/8 inch thick. There is always the temptation to hang out too far off the tool rest because you don't want to stop and move the tool rest, but I guess best thing is...
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    Swap wheels on Axminster grinder AWBGDL

    I don't know if you guys have seen these or not, but as far as I am concerned, there are no better wheels out there. The CBN is made for grinding steel, diamond is for carbide. Price is a bit steep, but when you stop to consider that you never need to balance them, true them up, move your...
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    SRG on Bowls, Wrong/Right

    I haven't minded the comments at all. I would like to see all turners be able to avoid catches. That is the point of showing what I did in the video. Showing the relationship between the part of the tool that is cutting and the part that is on the tool rest is the best way I have found to...
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    SRG on Bowls, Wrong/Right

    Paul, I did check out your web site. Nice stuff, and you obviously have done a lot of turning. I don't understand your comment about pretending otherwise. I guess we both scratch our heads and agree to disagree. I think that I may know a trick or two with the SRG that you do not know. Any tool...
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    SRG on Bowls, Wrong/Right

    Walking across a road without looking or blindfolded is dangerous. Using a SRG the way I do in the video is not. There is no way you can get a catch with that cut in that manner. The same cut is frequently done with the Continental style gouge which is the same style of gouge, but the flutes are...
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    Sanding hood

    There us sheet stock available from the plastic places, and also some sort of sign board that looks like cardboad that can be bent and shaped that will work as well, depending on your requirements. The more enclosed your work is when you sand, the more dust goes into the collector, and the less...
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    Sanding hood

    It is up only for sanding. I turn green to final thickness, let them dry, then sand and finish. Some day when I get 'a-round-to-it' I will make one that can stay in place when turning. It really cuts down on dust. robo hippy
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    Sanding hood

    Another short video clip from me showing a sanding hood that I came up with so the dust mask is not necessary. ... ture=feedu robo hippy
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    SRG on Bowls, Wrong/Right

    Well, this was intended for discussion, and I got that. The responses have been pretty much the same in all the forums I have posted it in. Some say never use it on a bowl. Some have used it for years this way. I do not preach using it for finish cuts, and said so in my video, there are other...
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    SRG on Bowls, Wrong/Right

    In the second one, it is a standard 1 inch or so SRG that is ground square across the nose. There are right and wrong ways to use just about any tool. There are plenty of tools that are better suited for my type of finish cut that I show. The higher the shear angle, while rubbing the bevel, the...
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    SRG on Bowls, Wrong/Right

    Well, this hasn't made it to this forum yet, but it bought up a very long thread in Australia, and on the forums here. Food for thought. From Robbo in Australia, why you don't use it. My version on how to use a spindle roughing gouge on bowls...
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    stuck with a skew

    A friend who mostly turns bowls said last night at our club meeting that a skew is good for sticking in a post and hanging rolls of tape on. Had to laugh at that one. robo hippy
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    Green Turning

    I did see some one mount a potato and turn it between centers for curly fries. Found it. robo hippy