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  1. XH558

    First real wood butchery.............

  2. XH558

    DEWALT DW707 Compound Mitre Saw problem

    At the risk of the SBS coming round and 'dealing with me' for posting about a power tool in the Hand Tool section, I have the above, very light use and it have noticed that there is some movement in one of the linear bearings. (Lower one). Not much but its there. Any ideas on eliminating the...
  3. XH558

    Newbie Alert.

    Hi and thanks for the add to your forum. My name is Nick and the avatar is of Stanley our Schnauzer and family distribution manager :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:. I'm a diy'er (is that swearing on here?) and am trying to spend a bit more time 'messing in the shed'. My first career was that of...