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    Lie-Nielsen what do I buy?

    OK you lot, I've been reading this forum for quite a while now & you've sucked me into this plane cult. I've told my wife that it's not my fault; you guys are the real problem; isn't that why we emigrated anyway? She's not buying it! Anyway, I've recently purchased a Lee Valley 4 1/2...
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    Infill Planes!!!

    I've been at this hobby for about 18 months now & I'm starting to look at my hand tools. I've got an old Stanley type plane; I've got the Japanese water stone & got into sharpening theory & practice; everything is ticking along nicely, OK so far... But! I have this niggling urge to try an...
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    Dado's & Saw Safety

    I was reading a thread last night on this forum about dado's not being readily available in the UK and that table saw manufacturers don't make the arbour big enough to take a dado. I understood that it's to do with EC safety regs. and the blade having to brake to a stop in 10 secs - plenty of...