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    exterior oak door

    Sorry to hi-jack the thread and eating humble pie for not being around for too many years. I've recently taken up archery and my mate that introduced me to it has asked me to make him a box for his kit. Without thinking about the fittings I went and bought a lump of Oak from the local timber...
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    Should I wait?

    Hi Mark I made a bowl from purple heart for my bro and his family last xmas. It was purple when I turned it, I applied 2 coats of sanding sealer and 1 coat of friction polish and it's still as purple as the day I made it. Cheers Donald
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    Mckeller table saw

    Hi all Does anybody know anything about the mckeller mck-m23 table saw as there is one for sale on ebay. I'm thinking about bidding but would like to know a bit about it first. Cheers Donald.
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    Unusual timber at Stake

    Thanks Philly I made a bowl for my brother and his wife for xmas 2004. I finished it with 2 coats of sanding sealer and a coat of friction polish and it's still purple. I had heard of it going brown but not witnessed it. Cheers Donald
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    Fixing to breezeblock

    Hi Byron. Try Spax screws available from b&q size 6 they are pretty meaty screws. With 2 rawlplugs in a deep hole I've had no problems. Cheers Donald.
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    Unusual timber at Stake

    Hi Jarviser If the shavings are purple and it is purple all the way through as you plane it, then it is definitely purple heart. I have turned bowls from this stuff and it's hard work but gives a glass finish. But one of the disappointing things is that it is supposed to go brown with...
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    Forum Users Routers

    Hi all. CMT2000 on the "Rat" Charnwood 1/2" with rubbish plunge in the rubbish charnwood table. Performance pro 2050 1/2" freehand. B & D 1/4" 8mm freehand. Cheers Doanld.
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    Oversize drawers...

    Glad I'm not the only one that does it. The last 2 jobs that I've done something has been to big due to changing joints. So I've had to very carefully cut the end off wihth a japanesse pull saw (I have more success cutting a straight line with those) and rejoin it. Cheers Donald
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    Christmas Presents

    Sadly I didn't get any turning tools for xmas. :( But one big advantage of the nova DVR is that you can make tha bed as long as you want for a £100 odd for an extra 20 inches. I have the nova 3000 with an extension bed and have nearly 4 feet between centres. Having this much means that the...
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    Not much to boast about considering I've been out of work since July after my job burnt down. At last nearly finished lining my shed before electrics installed in January. Fitted new door and lining for a friend. DVD/CD shelves in a bay window for another friend in Gunnislake. Just finishing...
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    Which first lathe?

    Hi Dod I belong to Plymouth Wood tunrers and have heard bad things about the perform lathe from a beginner. It gets hot and cuts out very quickly. But any of the other lathes that are structually the same as the perform are OK. The Axminster M900 is the same shape and possibly the same...
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    Happy Birthday Gill

    Happy Birhtday Gill. Wrap up warm in that shed and get well soon. :occasion4: Cheers Donald PS. tis mine soon, big 40 for me.
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    Wet yew

    Hi Duncan I've veen advised by people from my wood tunring club to rough turn it to about an inch thick with a chucking point on the inside. Then coat it watered down pva wrap it in newspaper put it in a carrier bag and leave it for as long as you can before you finish it. Although I haven't...
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    Can anyone oblidge me please

    I'm a bit closer if it's not sorted. Cheers Donald. PS. You could even have a go at making it yourself. And get on another slippery slope :lol:
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    Dust Extraction

    Great setup. :) I just need to work out how I can fit it to a nova 3000. Cheers Donald PS. Sorry it's this late I've only just joined the forum.
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    New Axminster Catalogue

    Yup got mine today. Had a look and a dream but can't afford anything. What I did notice is there is no Woodrat in there. So I checked their site and the Woodrat is very limited so I don't think they are selling it anymore.
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    CMT router problems

    I did a Wood rat course at APTC back in September. So I took my Rat and 2 routers with me, one charnwood and the other a performance pro, with the intention of buying plunge bars. Only to find that neither of them are fully compatable with any of the models. So I bought a CMT 1850 which is...
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    Greenheart Timber info?

    Just been on to Russell sbout some greenheart. Trouble is it's going to cost a bit more then pennies. If I take a 20 foot length 12 x 12 he will let me have it for £220. Which due to me being out of work cause my job burned down in July last year is far beyond my budget. Does anyone know if...
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    Greenheart Timber info?

    Is there any left cause I could do with some for my lathe bench. And if so is there anybody out there that can help me get them to Plymouth cause my trike ain't very good at moving big stuff.
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    Workshop Security

    Steve Maskery says My insuramce is with the Pru. My shed got burned out 18 months ago and although due to confusion with the building insurance causing delays with it being block built. The Pru sent new tools from there supplier that they could supply and a cheque for the more specialist...