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    Book Sale

    Windsor Chair Making £13.50 Making Rocking horses £5.50 Carpentry and Joinery 1 and 2 £12 Pine Furniture Making £4 The Construction of Period Country Furniture £6 Making Heirloom Boxes £12 Chinese Domestic Furniture £16 Steel String guitar construction £20 Hand...
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    picture frame perspex

    There was a post re above from someone in New York which has been pulled. Wondering why. all the best rob
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    not just for luthiers all the best rob
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    In Awe

    Seemed logical to steel first post credit in new forum so galvanised into action I am taking the lead and striking whilst the iron is hot and asking if anyone has a copper bottomed argument as to whether there`s any brass still to be made in metal working. I have gone to get a life all the best rob
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    congratulations dodge

    as it says all the best rob
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    whats my prize?

    I claim my 10,000 prize all the best rob
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    Anyone here with a pacemaker/defibrilllator ICD

    Mods please move this if its in the wrong section. As its woodworking related figure this was the one. Morning all I have had an ICD fitted six weeks ago as the result of a car accident. There are a number of restrictions on the machinery I can still use because of their electromagnetic fields...
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    any info would be grateful unknown bandsaw

    Heavy bench top bandsaw seemed like a good idea to buy it and i`m not disappointed so far. motor which doesn`t appear to be original has 3 speed pulley. wheel covers are cast not pressed. 12" throat 5 1/2" clear above table. Any ideas anyone thanks in advance all the best rob
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    verktum hultapors

    I have a 2 metre folding rule, Verktum Hultapors, it folds into ten sections and is accurately 2000mm long. It is also 80 3/4 inches long according to the corresponding measurements making it basically 2 inches longer than it should be. Does anyone know why? all the best rob
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    NVR switch kity 636 p/t

    I have a Kity 636 p/t which I am thinking about selling. the start button is hard to push though when it does connect it works fine. the off button is not a problem at all. question is is there something i can adjust to make it work better or does it require a new switch. all the best rob