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    Coopered or Scooped

    been a while since I posted and ask a dumb question :-) I have a box to make for a wedding remit is a small pirates chest this is to put gratuity in aka money box for notes I have loads of 12" diameter oak logs which I can: mount on lathe, turn round \ hollow and slice in half to make the top...
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    SK100 Chuck

    I undone the jaws too far and one popped out :-( I now have an issue with out-of-round turnings I cannot for the life of me work out how to re-align the 4 jaws brain fade has kicked in Steve
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    ags 10 blade

    what saw blade do you recommend for ripping hardwood on a wadkin ags 10 5/8 arbour Steve
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    Mitre Saw

    looking for a site saw I have a kapex in workshop but would like something to throw in car and abuse Steve
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    Storage \ Transport options

    i have become a diy man for my sins I am desperately trying to sort out a small tool storage option screws rawlugs drill bits etc what do u use I have tried small compartment boxes but I feel loads of small boxes are not the option loading and unloading every night is a PITA I am considering the...
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    Wadkin AGS 10 Rise and Fall

    I am having an issue with my 1965 ags It has stopped going up and down, unless I tighten the locking wheel and then it is obviously difficult to turn the main wheel any ideas please? Steve
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    side table

    I have what I imagine my toughest challenge so far I have an order for a thin table to go by the side of a sofa 800 L 180 W 570 T they want it in 2 contrasting coloured timbers the strips will be 36mm x 5 strips to make the 180mm width all sounds simple and will be narrow enough to go through...
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    Radiator Cover

    Hi All have a slightly awkward customer....but I am sure there is a workaround for this one they want a radiator cover with horizontal oak rails 80mm deep and then mirror 80mm deep (rinse and repeat) I can easily deal with the multiple rails and end stiles (grooved for the mirror, with...
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    Woodworking Jobs

    it is time for me to quit IT and look for alternative employment my main passion is woodwork, so I have decided to try and follow that path I understand as a untrained woodworker that may be quite difficult I don't have intentions of going alone, so can anyone tell me what options are out there...
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    Power Feed

    are power feeds just for router \ spindle molder? can you fit to a planer thicknesser? Steve
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    Scribing Conundrum

    I have a sloping ceiling in Kitchen 20mm difference height over 2.5m I am building a face frame kitchen the face frame only needs to be 20mm in most places, the odd extra against walls etc (maybe an additional 5mm) how do you approach the ceiling slope? I am sure this is logical I just cannot...
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    Kitchen Hinge Jig

    do you use a jig what do you use this is for 35mm hinges Steve
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    Cutting into corner

    I am considering cutting an L shape into a solid worktop 900 x 900 leaving 900 450 450 450 450 900 what would be your favorite method to get a clean cut and leave a crisp internal corner? yes I could just track saw it and reglue, if that is best approach Steve
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    I am in need of heavy duty adjustable height trestles do they all work on a hole and pin mechanism, as it would be good to get them same height as my mft I have some 4m x 900 walnut worktops to cut down (pineapple heavy) I often use some cheapo paste tables as a temporary cutting table, but they...
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    What Drawer Runners

    I want to make a pull out kitchen full height drawer thingy but mounted just on one side there are plenty available options with wire baskets...which I dont want so am looking for either top and bottom runners or just runners on one side what am I looking for? Steve
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    Table Leaf Mechanism

    does anyone know where i could get this? ... 200010023/ or something similar that slides and lifts Steve
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    Kick Boards Plinths

    it is getting closer to a kitchen build SWMBO does not want kickboards will this be a massive mistake? i am not talking about leaving the 3" gap open on legs she wants the units to the floor Steve
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    Router Coping Sled

    what setup do you use? do you use fence or mitre slot? do you use shop made or a retail version? I have a few shaker doors to make and want a reliable setup Steve
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    Kitchen Wall Units

    if building your own cabinets, what method do you use for hanging? I have never been a fan of the small plasticy things you get on a b&q job with the metal cleats would prefer a more reliable\stronger option my walls are far from flat Steve
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    Spice Rack

    next project is a basic spice rack just a set of oak shelves tbh is there any merit \ point to using fancy joinery? timber will just be 80mm x 12mm I could route the sides with 12mmx6mm deep rebates I could use domino's or I could just glue and pin any advice or preferences please? I will not...