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    Hooped coffee / TV tables

    I have seen these advertised and keen to try making one myself. Anybody with thoughts on construction? are they laminated form or hardwood with segmented hooped ends?
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    4 inch bowl blanks

    I am finding it very difficult to find 4 inch thick bowl blanks Can anybody suggest suppliers.
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    Table saw inserts

    Any thoughts on where you can buy table saw inserts. I am revovating a on Luna 59 and need some new ones. Thanks
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    Luna W59 Combination Machine

    I have just inherited an ol Luna W59 which looks a fantastic piece of kit in need of a lot of TLC and Evapo-rust to bring it back to it former glory. Interested to hook up with other owners for advice as I strip it and put it back together again.
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    Articulated Ceiling spotlight

    I am looking to get a spot light over my assembly table which hangs from the ceiling and is articulated so I can move the beam to specific areas and it will stay in place. Any thoughts?
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    How to bore/drill a 350mm long / 27 diamm hole

    Advice, please. I am trying to find the best way of boring a 27mm dia hole though a 350 on a piece of hardwood. I have tried various methods on both the lathe and drill press but I suffer from burn out and trying to find long enough drills / forstner bits. Grateful for any help. Mark
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    Drilling large diameter long holes

    I am struggling to find a way to drill / bore a 30mm dia hole into a 35cm long piece of wood. Grateful for any thoughts. Many attempts have led to o=verheating, problems with chip dispersal and drill wandering.