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    Help wanted please.

    My grandson has been overenthusiastic screwing the cap back on his Jr. Gent pen and has stripped the thread in the cap. I don`t seem able to get any spares. So any help will be very much appreciated, thanks.
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    Record power chuck rp3000x

    I have a copy of the manual. Email me and I will send you a copy. Frank S.
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    Roll top desk restoration

    Any DIY store that does key cutting should be able to supply a blank.
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    Gold paint

    Thanks for all the advice. The carving is for indoor use only but will be handled a fair bit, so, undercoat, brush paint and clear varnish should do the job fine. Thanks again. Frank S.
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    Gold paint

    I have done some carving which needs to be painted with gold paint, so I would like some advice on things like what undercoat do I use, and will I need to give the carvings a coat of clear varnish when finished. All help will be much appreciated, thanks. Frank S.
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    Want a good laugh?

    Great !! started my week off with a laugh. F.
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    Locking miter bit

    Have a look in the "How to" section on this site. It shows "how to" set up the cutter F.
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    ArrowXL - and losing the will to live

    Yes, it certainly sounds like DEVILRY to me too !! F.
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    a few kitchens for ideas

    Is this something else to make with reclaimed pallets ??????????????????????? F.
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    Jet Bandsaw

    Thanks Nick, I was putting in the wrong words. Frank.
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    Jet Bandsaw

    Today I picked up a Jet bandsaw JWBS 120S. Very heavy, cast iron body and table. It has been laying, ignored and unloved in a damp shed for about 16 years,so it is in a bit of a state,to say the least. Fortunately, the motor still runs. There is some rust, and the tyres have perished.Have looked...
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    RP3000X collet chuck - INSTRUCTION MANUAL

    Colin, check your emails as I have contacted you.
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    Smelly wood

    I am doing a job for a mate, using the timber he supplied, tulip wood.I`ve not used much in the past and in cutting it on the band saw I get the smell of smoked mackerel. Is this usual for tulip wood? I know some timbers have various smells associated with them, but fish?? Frank.
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    I think you lot are just as mad as me !!!! F.
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    My wife gets a bit stressed on occasions. When this happens I make up nonsense rhymes to make her laugh, here are two of my latest; A young cannibal girl from Dundee Had a most beautiful knee When asked, why the one? She said just ask my mum She cooked it and had it for tea. There was a young...
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    A blast from the past...

    I haven`t heard that expression in an age !! But how many young people know its meaning ? F.
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    This is definitely good news for me and my wife but I do wonder how these stories originate. F.
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    John McGuinness' TT insane onboard camera

    I also think that my wife would object, especially as you are a gorgeous blonde with a fantastic figure !!
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    John McGuinness' TT insane onboard camera

    WOW !!! I now need a lie down in a darkened room.
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    Funny dog names

    How did this thread get hijacked !!!! F.