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    External T&G Door

    This month (if the monsoon season passes) I will be recladding a small extension at the back of the house. It will be done in Western Red Cedar shiplap and I want to make a new door to match. I have looked through all the archives here and couldn't quite find the answer to my question so I was...
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    Oak Parquet cut to order

    Hello all, Over the last couple of years I have been fitting parquet flooring. The living room and dinning room have been completed and I am ready to do the hall. Unfortunately, due to the time gap between the two projects (funds / time available) the company I first ordered from no longer...
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    Kitchen - Dining Table Questions

    Hi all, I'm in the process of making my first piece of furniture - a kitchen table and I was wondering if someone here could help me with some problems with dimensions. The table top is 1800 x 800 and I'm having trouble working out the table top overhang (in relation to the legs & rails). Is...
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    Beginners Plane advice

    I tried searching the site but couldn't find a direct answer so I thought I'd ask direct. I'm looking to buy a couple of planes. These are being bought as a complete hand tool beginner with a (very) tight budget. I just want to make sure I am not making a bad decision here. I have read on a...
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    Eastend Sawmills RIP

    I suppose this applies more to those based in and around Glasgow and more specifically, those who actually used Eastend Sawmills. Sad news is, a 50 year old business has gone to the wall. As a novice I liked the place - great range...
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    Wood choice for butchers block trolley

    Hello, First of, a quick thanks for all the help I've already received from the UKWorkshop forum. It's been a great resource and I haven't even posted yet! I've just completed my workbench and I'm looking to start my first project. I've always been interested in woodworking / carpentry and I'm...