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    Professional electric plywood

    This is on the side of a box of something I ordered for my 8year old daughter, let’s hear your guesses of what the product is!
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    Septic tanks & Sewage Treatment Plants

    Does anyone know anything about septic tanks or small scale sewage treatment? I've got an existing blockwork septic tank that discharges to a local ditch, but from Jan 2020 I don't think that this is allowed so I'm looking ahead at what my options are. At the moment it's all a bit overwhelming -...
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    Garden Multi Tool Recommendations Please

    Hello good folk. As per the title I’m looking for a recommendation for a new petrol garden multi tool (strimmer, long reach hedge trimmer, and pole saw as a minimum). For the last few years I’ve had the Ryobi Expand-It range, and whilst the engine is performing brilliantly the gear box has gone...