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    Bandsaw Resawing

    I'm thinking about investing in this rather than making one has anyone used it in anger or has other product options for log preparation on a Bandsaw Many Thanks ... ,0,0,1|97|
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    2 questions in one post

    Turning Green Wood - O'Donnell Finally got my hands on a well priced copy of the book via Ebay (less than a fiver), looks fantastic has anyone got the video and if so is that also worth investing in ie whats on it? Electric Chainsaw My Sandvik has been useful but my arms are starting to hurt...
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    Tesco £17.95 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (pic added)

    Saw a letter in this months GW so picked one up this morning very nice 1200w washable bagless unit with various tools tried it tonight on a router and sander and worked a treat also cleaned the bench, has automatic rewind on the power cable well worth a look if your in Tesco since it doesn't...
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    yuk......There are too many words on that site that remind me of Greek School as a boy :wink:
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    Distortion to recess while drying rough blank

    Cd made one of these a couple of xmas's back...i saved the link ... tChuck.pdf Hope it helps
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    Dowelling - where can I get some

    Now that i'm impressed with....does it sharpen carpenters pencils as well :lol:
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    Who makes Triton's Thicknesser?

    Triton has been purchased by GMC, from what i can gather on the Ubeat forum they are using Tritons design guys but GMC make the products so expect to see some of them with clever updates to the standard fare and of course painted Orange :P
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    A quick tour

    i've been playing with some new website software at work so i thought i would finally post some pics of the workshop. I spend 95% of my time moving things and reorganizing and since i'm not very good at anything in particular i spend the other 5% looking for something new to maybe one day...
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    Finally finished my router table (long with lots pics)

    CD That looks the improvisation with the chopping board 8)
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    Rutlands Sign Crafter

    The problem with gadgets and woodworking is you can get obsessed about them and end up throwing money away, those who read my Cursing Norm post will understand... The product i finally used to make a simple nameplate sign was the Rutlands Sign Crafter The kit cost £39.95 + 6.95 delivery and...
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    Turn Your Head

    Is it just me who thinks it's completely daft :?
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    Perform CC10T 250mm Thicknesser

    Phil I purchased one just over a year ago. I don't use it very often but its been fine so far, easy to setup and good value.....I also have the seperate Bench Jointer which is also good value Good luck
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    Gav it looks great well done
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    Cursing Norm - The saga comes to a close

    and so the saga comes to a close, the ever wonderful Rutlands took pity on me and agreed to refund the Dakota set for the Milescraft set which arrived today, its £10.00 more can make a sign twice the size and includes a clear Turnlock system (similar to a Trend Unibase but you dont need to screw...
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    Is a Steb Centre really worth it?

    I was about to order a prong centre for my Nova when i came across the Sorby Steb centres, there is a big difference in price. Is anyone using one or have an opinion? Tony
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    My first Chuck, do I really need to spend that much?

    A Novice wants to spend more time Turning and less time fiddling with his chuck... That was the best advice i received on here - i ignored it first i brought the Record Chuck then i found something cheap at Craft and the whole lot ended up on Ebay. I'm still a novice, i still have to warn air...
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    Cursing Norm - The saga comes to a close

    So here we off work spent the morning installing the new SIP bandsaw and then get round to playing with the Rutland Dakota Sign Making Set First impression is good value for money all the letters/numbers are individual both large and small 1.5 and 2.5 inches plenty of extras too...
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    Take a peek at Tritons updated website

    Jigsaw and Bench top sander look like their design.....
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    Bandsaw Time Perform or SIP

    No.................................I swear i'm cursed Looks like one hardly used SIP Bandsaw may well be appearing on Ebay :o
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    12 pc woodcarving set from Rutlands?

    Colin, Nina, Nola.........all Greek to me 8)