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    How to turn really hard wood ?

    Hi I would recommend shortening the bevel on your gouges and use negative rake scrapers,Progress will be slow but should work I would also recomend a slower speed to do the initial shaping.
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    Nick Arnull. Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios

    Today is the last day of Norfolk Open Studios,I have had many visitors but less than previous years, This is an event I always enjoy its such fun to meet fellow turners,meet future students and sell some of my work to the wider public,I will be open today 10:00 until 17:00hrs today. Nick Arnull.
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    Nick Arnull. Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios

    Monday the sun stayed with us all day and it went very well indeed I took several course bookings and sold some work so a happy bunny. If you didn't get chance to visit I will be open to the public again next weekend. Nick Arnull.RPT.
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    Nick Arnull. Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios

    Sunday was as expected very busy all day and we had no rain, Today is the last day of the weekend so I will probably see lots of folks, if you are in Norfolk why not take time and visit me to see some of my work or talk about woodturning you could even book a course,we have plenty of parking...
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    Nick Arnull. Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios

    Well the weekend is going well considering the rain we had yesterday morning,I had plenty of visitors and took a couple of bookings for courses and I still have two more days this weekend ,if you get a chance pop along its always great to meet with fellow turners and chat a while. Nick Arnull.RPT.
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    Nick Arnull. Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios

    Today is the start of The Norfolk and Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios. If you get time why not come and look at where I work ,its a great opportunity to meet the artists and chat about all sorts of stuff.I am open for the next three weekends including this bank holiday Monday.Other times by...
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    Make another one.

    Kim your draw knobs look great,I personally do quite a bit of copy turning it is after all these sort of jobs that help make a turner, and as a professional I cannot choose what I can and can't accept through the door as every little job helps pay the bills. It also marks a clear difference...
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    interesting video
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    Fairly new turner needs help

    Jim, what you have a Craft supplies combination chuck which dates back a while maybe even to the seventies all the bits fit into the large screw chuck body the item you thought was some sort of tool for hollowing is the wrench to undo the outer ring of the screw chuck body,not sure if there is...
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    Is there anyone in East Yorkshire...

    Noel, My Daughter is into music in a big way this is in my experience a job for a specialist and not one I would recommend being undertaken by a craft turner contact a decent music shop they will have details or repair services that you can contact. Nick Arnull.RPT
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    stuck drive centre

    DO NOT USE HEAT, This will damage the bearings for sure The only advice I can offer is to hit it with a bigger hammer make sure you are on the end of the taper and not inside it. Don't just taps it hit it with a sharp knock, this should do the trick. Some drive centres are hollow but the bar...
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    Toxic timbers and effects on the body!

    Peter, What a great list, my concern is that they are all the common names and not the latin, and as such would question the source. I would advise that all wood dust is potentially hazardous, and should be dealt with accordingly. Some folks have instant and on at times severe reactions, while...
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    Training videos

    Winemaker:Thanks for sharing the link here, I couldn't get into the forum last night when I found the web site yesterday. Its a great resource and defiantly not to be missed It has information for turners at any level,even those with years of experience. I have to admit I personally think they...
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    Do people never learn ?

    Chas, As you are probably aware I have written For the Woodturning Mag for six years and as an author Ie always take great care to illustrate safe practice this even includes demonstrating using a saftey visor the image shown is more than likly a staged shot but if you have concerns over this...
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    double sided tape

    Hi Sue, I use double sided carpet tape all the time it does sometimes take a bit of effort to remove. 50mm from B & Q last for an absolute age. I would however advice using tailstock support when roughing out as it can creep a little, it should also only be used only on smallish pieces. Hope...
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    Steb centers

    Hi Guys, I always set the centres before mounting the wood on the lathe and only ever use them on dry timber. By setting the centre I refer to driving it into the end grain using a copper headed hammer, I do a lot of production work and simply cant live without them. One final point are you...
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    Tutorial on piercing ?

    Hi all sorry I did not reply earlier but have been somewhat busy catching up with e-mails and unpacking after the weekend at Harrogate, we unfortunatly sold out of piercing bits these are available from or direct from me when I get some new stock in. I use klien burrs for...
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    out and about this weekend

    Unable to sleep ? Mark ! or did you get kicked out of bed by the boss ? LOL. Nick Arnull.
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    Skeleton vase

    Paul, My comment you have extracted from my text is in a paragraph relating to photography. Nick Arnull.
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    Skeleton vase

    Hi all I do not often comment on postings but having held this piece in my hand I for one like it very much. We need to remember this is the first pierced piece Johnny has made and I see it as a great first step and would like to see more and feel the individuality that he has will shine...