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    Jet jwbs-16x Any good, worth changing mine?

    Need abit of advice, I currently have a Dewalt BS1310 bandsaw which I do find myself using quite abit and I have just noticed that Axminster have a Jet JWBS-16x on special reduced from £1650 to £1100, so was wondering would the Jet be much different to mine now and how? Ive had a go at...
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    cheap washer dryer ducting for table saw

    Hi I need some 100mm ducting for my table saw and planer and noticed some dryer hose on screwfix for only £5 ... 00mm/18232 and was wondering if this would work? Also I am thinking of getting this Y piece to join both appliances and then put blast...
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    Making Princess type bed for granddaughter

    I have been asked by my daughter to make a princess bed for the little un so Im starting to gather info ready for the build. Does anyone have any plans I can follow? I am thinking of something along these lines - ... 1805018401 Im planning on using a...
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    Need help with Scheppach HMW260 planer thicknesser

    I purchased the above a few months ago from ebay and was shown it working fine. Ive had it in storage since then while I sorted out my workshop but today when I have come to use it I cant get it turned on, by that I mean I cant seem to either press the green start button or the red stop button...
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    anyone got a scheppach ts2500 table saw?

    I have the above saw and was wondering if anyone has made any modifications to theres? Also mine didnt come with the extension table or sliding table so wondering if anyone has made a side or outfeed extension for theres to offer advice? Also the dust extraction seems to be at an odd angle so...
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    need some help routing edges on router table

    Hi I have some chunks off oak worktop that have been given to me and I am trying to make chopping boards out of them. I cut them to size on my table saw and then routed over the 4 top sides and 4 bottom sides with a round over bit on my router table but I cant see an easy way of rounding over...
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    woodrat parts are they useable?

    Hi I picked up some router jigs from a local auction online so never looked at the box but when i collected them its all parts for a woodrat which ive looked online seems to be somekind of upside down router stuff. Are the parts useable without the main part? I have a brush thing, and a...
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    help with outside storage for wood sheets

    Hi As my workshop is tight on space I want to try and build something where I can store either my sheets of ply, mdt etc aswell as storing other wood such as pine so that the bigger pieces are not taking up workshop space. I am thinking of some kind of enclosed lean to which will go against...
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    help with jacobs chuck and kit for trying to turn pens

    Hi Guys I have a Record DML24 lathe and I am thinking of trying my hand at making pens. I only have the normal lathe connections and live center in the tail stock (think I got that bit right) so I guess I need a jacobs chuck? I believe the Morse Taper on the DML is 1 so thats what I assume I...
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    bandsaw help

    Hi I have finally setup my bandsaw with a new 1/2 supertuff premium blade from tuffsaws and feel the saw is setup correctly but am having a little issue with it. When trying to cut a few pieces of wood ive noticed that the blade itself tends to jump forward toward my every second or so while...
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    help with chopping board

    Hi I have been asked to make a colleague a chopping board from some offcuts of an expensive oak kitchen worktop along with giving me all the rest (enough to make another 5 or 6). I plan to cut the 40mm thick oak on my table saw and then route the edges with the router to make it look half...
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    Charnwood W896 Extractor

    Hi I have managed to pick up the above from Gumtree for £50 which Im hoping to use on my table Saw and Planer Thicknesser but am strugling trying to find a manual for it. Does anyone have one of these machines at all or know where I can download a copy of the manual? thanks in advance Colin
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    Finishes to start with

    Hi I am just starting to make a few things and have basics like clear varnish, beeswax and linseed oil but wondered what you guys suggest to have in my cabinet so to speak? I have read a few mentions of shellac but am not sure where to buy it for the best price can anyone help? also what...
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    Router for Router Table

    My home made router table came with a router that had the power switch and safety switch both cable tied and its just died so is there certain routers that will work on router table but doesnt have safety switch or anything so it just works with a on / off switch? thanks
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    Best hinges for 1/2" plywood

    Hi I am having my first go at making something, I want to make a fold out wall cabinet out of half inch ply but im wondering whats the best / strongest hinges for plywood thats not very thick? Also whats the best finish for ply to make it look abit more special. thanks in advance. Colin
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    Can you help identify this planer?

    Just picked up this cast iron planer from gumtree but I want to see if I can find a manual for it and I need to replace the blades. thanks in advance Colin
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    Multico rip saw table saw

    Hi I am still looking for a table saw and have an option of a Multico table saw for £250. Solid machine but doesnt have any extending table etc. Is this a good buy, and can I change the blades to have more finer teeth rather than big rip blade and also is it still possible to buy bits for...
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    Pocket Hole jig

    I have a trend pocket hole jig which I purchased a few months ago and only just got round to use it (building workbench) and I cant see how you adjust it for different thickness of wood. Im using some 2 x 4s and if I drill the pocket hole, the screw comes out very close 5-10mm from the edge so...
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    Security issues

    Hi All Im still in the process of lining my workshop walls and ceiling but came home today to find my workshop door open. Luckily ive not been storing anything in there other than the sheets of mdt and loft insulation so nothing appears to be missing but I need to start seriously thinking of...
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    Few tools from local auction. Also need some advice

    Hi All Sunday we had a local auction and as I was at a loose end I decided to pop along. I was amazed at how many tools etc were for auction and how cheap most things went for. There was a "granite chopping board" but when I had a look at it I noticed the bottom of the box said Axminster...