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    Cheap F clamps

    While looking round Aldi yesterday I noticed a set of 5 F-clamps for £5.99. They range from 150mm with 50mm throw to 300mm with 120mm throw. They may be nothing near as good as Bessys but could be used to help with the adage that 'you can never have enough clamps'. At that price you cant go...
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    SIP Bobbin Sander

    If anyone is interested the SIP bobbin sander advertised by SIP at 159.95 is on sale at QVC for approx £139. Even with the £13.95 P&P it is still cheaper. It's an introductory price so will be on sale for that price for 12 showings so could well be that price for a few months.
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    That's a large piece Norm is making at the workshop today. Next live webcam to complete the piece is in 2 days.
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    Kity are Back.

    this was posted in another topic by mistake. I looked at the powertoolsdirect site to see what the Sheppach2010 was like and lo and behold, they have the Kity419 back in stock. Its on their weekly specials page for £639 with sliding table and right extension table...
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    Routing forum

    I was looking round the ubeaut forum earlier and saw a post about a new routing forum that had started 3 days before and already had 500 members. This forum is run by an American TV programme, The Router Workshop. Every post I have read so far had been answered by either the 2 router guys or one...
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    I have just sent Discovery H&L an email when I found that New Yankee Workshop will no longer be on H&L after this weeks afternoon slot. It has been removed from the 1.00am repeat & has been replaced. :( This years season has just finished in America & that is when the new seasons shows are...