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  1. J

    Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker

    Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker Starts Thurs. 21st October 2021, 8-9PM C4 - 6 Episodes Production Company's Website Bake-Off for Woodworkers? Whatever next :unsure:
  2. J

    Rob Cosman's Wood Hinge

    Just as an addition to that, I became a little bit fascinated with Cosman's Wood-Hinge earlier this year, seemed like the answer to everything I'd been looking for in Jewelry/small box design. I mastered his dowel making jig, bought the appropiate core box router cutter from Wealden's, made some...
  3. J

    Bandsaw stand for a BS250

    Pretty sure I'll get some hate for this, but it started out as a "Couple of hours. Tops" project and turned into something else. Hence the use of OSB. (I can hear the murmurs of disapproval already :D ) Anyway. Long story short, I've had the BS250 nearly four years now, and it's always been...
  4. J

    Aldi/Workzone 1500w, 190mm Circular Saw. Anyone have one?

    Back on offer from today (21/01/2016) ... 9007495600 From that I'm assuming it comes with two blades? Anyone have one and can offer an opinion?
  5. J

    What is the Best and Your Favourite Movie of all time??

    Following on from an earlier post Here I have this conversation with friends regularly, and it stems from an old BASF Video Tape advert from the late seventies in which (IIRC) Andre Previn asked "What is the Best Movie of all time?" The answer of course was one recorded on BASF tape, but that...
  6. J

    Laminate flooring, in a Workshop??

    This is just an idea at the moment, and just asking the question so don't deride/fall off chair laughing etc etc but ... I acquired a load of walnut laminate flooring from my next door neighbour recently (hi Mike!) with a view to utilising for jigs and, well all sorts .. for eg: I find the...
  7. J

    Dust Extraction: Adaptors/steppers and how to make them?

    Bit of a forum newb here and should have said hi a couple of months ago, so ... Hi!! Couple of months ago I found the need, as you do, to suddenly adapt the nozzle on my shop vac to fit something new, and since then struggled to connect it to the stuff I would normally connect to, the main item...