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    Bought one of these to see how good they were

    I have one of these attached to the (lined) pitch roof of my workshop shed and keep my chisels on it.
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    Table saw book or dvd?

    The Table Saw Book by Kelly Mehler. This came recommended by others on the forum. I have one for sale if you are interested £5 inc. postage. PM me if you are interested.
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    Circular saw jig

    Can't do that. It 's a cordless saw.
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    Circular saw jig

    Many thanks. I will look these up on my return from holiday. However my saw does not have a trigger lock so will need to sort something out to enable me to use it upside down. Brian
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    Circular saw jig

    I have almost completed the 'destruction' of my workshop. All the machines have gone and I am reduced to what I can achieve in my garden shed. Has anyone seen or knows of a jig which will enable me to rip narrow strips off long lengths. For example I need to cut a piece of 150mm x 15mm in...
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    Which type of plastic do I need to support a router on?

    I assume that the finished article is something like a tray. Take care that the thicker the base you need leaves enough of the cutter to enable you to achieve the depth you want.
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    Shed from fenceing boards

    I built a shed recently almost entirely from gravel boards. The gravel boards were nailed onto a 3 x 2 treated timber frame. Each wall was made separately and screwed together after providing for overlap on the corners. The boards were fixed vertically and the butt joints were covered with 2...
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    Mortice and Tenon jig

    The rods I have (chrome/stainless steel) are 500mm long and 8mm dia. I have maybe 6. if anyone wants then and will pay carriage (MyHermes - approx £6.00) I will happily send them out.
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    Making dowels/plug for a hole repair?

    Send me a PM with what you want and a lump of wood you want to use as plugs. I have the Veritas taper plug cutter set (6,8,10mm) and a few Axminster larger plug cutters. But you will need Forstner bits to make the holes. Let me know if I can help. Brian
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    Mortice and Tenon jig

    I will post details of rods I have used in the past. Ex shop fitting. Will post again when I next visit my workshop. Brian
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    Where can I buy this?

    Many thanks to all. I think I will go with the one Kev mentioned as it appears to cope better with smaller section timber. Brian
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    Where can I buy this?

    Has anyone used one of these and knows where I can buy one. It appears to be able to do what I want which is to cut mitres on picture frame sized timber. I have seen it on a German web site but not a UK one. I realise that there are many other methods of cutting mitres but I am only...
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    Another TS200 Workstation WIP with pics

    Re dust extraction. I also removed the mesh from the underside of the saw. Not sure what it was doing there! And made a shallow drawer to fit between the supports. This collected the surplus dust and can be cleaned out whenever necessary.
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    Pocket holes

    Trend. I've had it for years. And actually used it from time to time!
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    triton router issue

    If you are only using this router in the table you should remove the spring. There should be instructions for doing this. For what it's worth I no longer use the winding handle, the adjustments under the table are so easy to use - there is a fine adjuster to finish off the cutter height (this...
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    woodpecker precision triangle

    You could try these. Peter Sefton may be prepared to get one in specially. His predecessor did for me.
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    Anyone know what one is?
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    Brought the timber in for 2014

    I have two sources for 'velvet cloth', both adhesive backed. My local hardware shop sells a form of Fablon which I mainly use for the base of boxes etc. The other is the dolls house shop, look for 'carpet', this is also self adhesive.
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    Are Mortise locks (5 lever) a standard size?

    Just to be pedantic the measurements 65 & 78 etc. refer to the size of the lockcase not the distance between the edge of the door and the keyhole. This is the backset as previously mentioned. The backset will increase with the size of the lockcase.
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    Are Mortise locks (5 lever) a standard size?

    Regarding Chub/Union/Yale These manufacturers are all owned by Assa Abloy who also own Mul-T-Lock, Ingersoll, Corbin and MANY others. Assa Abloy only had a licence to the Chubb locks name and this expired (I think) in August 2010. The Chubb door locks etc are now manufactured under the Union...