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  1. J

    wadkin BOAS

    I'm looking for advice on the Wadkin BOAS. While having to change my planer belts I noticed that the feed drive chain is resting on top of the cuter spindle and has already caused parallel grooves from each side of the chain links. There is only a little slack between the 2 top sprockets, not...
  2. J

    wadkin infeed outfeed etc adjusting

    Hi, Any advice on how to adjust the infeed, outfeed, chip and pressure bars on wadkin 12x7? Can they be adjusted at all? It's been driving me nuts. I have just replaced the cutterblock with a replacement. All that supports the chip and pressure bars are pins that locate into the side of the...
  3. J

    Planer blade size

    Hi, I have nearly finished replacing the broken parts on my wadkin boas 12x7, and have just got to set the cutters. The set that were destroyed were 30mm x310mm x3mm, my spare set are 25 x310 x3 , which originally came with the machine. I found that the pair on the machine I have taken the...
  4. J

    Disastrous Day!

    Today a large length of oak I was thicknessing fell onto my wadkin BOAS. It must have hit the fence, which dug into the cutter block and everything came to a very sudden stop. Most importantly no-one was hurt, but... a large lump of the cutter block with the blade still attached has sheared off...