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    Wadkin PK 3 phase to single phase

    Hi, I am moving my workshop from my business premises to my new house, which does not have 3 phase supply. I know you can run a 3 phase machine on single phase using an inverter, but that is about the extent of my knowledge... Anyone here who knows about this? My saw is an old PK, what rated...
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    advice on hinges please

    Hi, I have almost completed a piece of furniture ( a sideboard / media unit) for my lounge, which will have 3 doors on it, 2 inset ( 1 LH & 1 RH ) and one central door that will be a half overlay. I imagine I will be restricted to using euro style hinges ( unless someone can tell me different)...
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    Wadkin PK restoration finished (just about)

    Hi, you may remember I posted a while back a link to the canadian woodworking vintage power tools forum where both myself and wallace hang out - it's Grand Wadkin central. I never managed to re post all the descriptions etc from my restoration over here, but you can read the full story there...
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    Old back saw restoration advice

    Hi, I got this saw recently with a job lot of old tools and whilst its nothing special, I fancied returning it to a better state. Now, the blade was a bit corroded and needs a sharpen, but its not terrible. I cleaned it up a bit, but I don't think I can get it much better than it is now...
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    buying lee valley tools over here

    Does anyone stock or sell lee valley tools over here? I want to buy their rip cut dozuki and flush cut saw package. Cheers, mark
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    PK restoration

    I know Wallace is currently doing one, which is why I did not bother documenting mine here, but I have a thread going over at the Canadian woodworking forum, Vintage power tools section, which has details of my current PK saw restoration. So for all you Wadkin fans out there, here is the link...
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    Not sure if its real or not but funny all the same

    This is priceless....what separates women from men...! ... 63374.html
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    Cast iron welding

    Hi, I may need some cast iron welding done on a recent purchase ( quite exciting, further details to follow) ....I understand this is not a straight forward or easy thing to do. is there anyone here who knows how to do it, or knows of anyone who could do this?
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    felder machine dust exraction advice

    Hi, I have a CF741 universal machine and would like to know how anyone with similar machine gets around the problem of the outlet points for the extraction being the wrong size to connect easily to standard reducers. I have to sleeve them to match with tape and bits of correx, which works, but I...
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    Anyone interested in making some pieces for a job?

    Hi, we are hugely busy here and have 5 bespoke kitchen projects in the queue, one of them the client keeps changing design and its kind of falling outside of the remit of the stuff my usual guy does. ( sprayed modern handless kitchens and built in stuff) Although I would love to do myself, I...
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    request for help please

    Hi, I have a lovely old saw I am restoring, and I need a set of 3 new split nuts made for me - I can send the old ones, as I need the overall dimensions kept the same, but the central stem made wider. Is there anyone here who could run these up for me? Obviously happy to pay whatever you think...
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    UJK products - who has stock?

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my router table, and have pretty much decided on the UJK kit....( cast iron table, router lift, dust box) however, everywhere seems to be out of stock - Axminster sau 1 -2 months, and all seems to be "available to order" ( with similar lead times I imagine? ) at Peter...
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    PM's stiill in outbox

    Hi, I replied to 2 recent pm's, and sent another two about 6 weeks ago, I just noticed that it shows these 4 messages as being in my outbox......does this mean they have not been sent, and if so, why? Rgds, Mark
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    Door construction advice

    I have to make some doors for a project, there are 5 in total, 700mm high and approx 500mm wide. they need to be about 25mm thick. They are to be veneered both sides and have solid edge lippings. The veneering is being by a specialist, as on reflection ( its a complex sunburst pattern & it may...
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    Opinion please re movement problem with wood floor

    Hi, I wondered if I could get some opinions from you other professionals here regarding a problem on one of our jobs. We are working a total refurbishment of a victorian terraced house, including complete insulation, new floors ( not joists) and replastering. The client supplied the new...
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    Moxon Vice build

    Hi guys, working on my last project highlighted how my bad back and eyesight were making work on my bench quite uncomfortable. despite making my bench higher than usual, and having my glasses, I was still struggling. So I decided to rectify the situation. While perusing the benchcrafted site, I...
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    new project, veneering advice wanted

    Hi, my next project is a media unit, built to a similar style as a sideboard we have. the sideboard is rosewood with 3 doors, that have an unusual veneered pattern of a central small circle ( 50mm) in the middle door, with radiating segments of veneer that get wider the further away from the...
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    sketchlist - any users here?

    I just got the trial version, wondered if anyone else here uses it ? Going to try and have my first decent go at today....
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    best way to join picture frame mitres

    Hi, in between my stuff, i have been collared into making some picture frames for SWMBO........ Frame components in solid walnut are made and ready to be mitred together, however, glue surface area is very small, as they are very narrow profile, each side being 10mm & 5mm thick respectively...
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    bench dog hole collars.....

    Hi guys ( and girls)...I have seen them on fancy benches, mostly made by talented guys with a lathe and nice materials to hand, but I cant seem to find anything for sale. Basically, I want some nice metal or whatever collars to sit the bench dogs in, rather than just a bare hole in the wood...