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  1. nosuchhounds

    Good resources for first wardrobe build

    I'm embarking on my first fitted wardrobe build and looking for any good reference material to look at, any suggestions? It will be a triple wardrobe with 2 large drawers. I was planning on shaker style but with artificial rattan weave accents. Im a fan of Peter Millard's work and taken a lot...
  2. nosuchhounds

    Expensive lesson in rushing

    A couple of stupid mistakes made today on my festool mft. First, saw wasnt proper on the guide rail, shot across the rail and caused a pretty ugly scar in the rail Second, going from 45 degree cut using the fence to a 90 i left the rail pretruding past the splinter guard and cut through it...
  3. nosuchhounds

    110v or 240v?

    Apart from the need for a transformer are there any differences in performance between a 110v and 240v? 110v usually come up cheaper new
  4. nosuchhounds

    Work experience, learning and upping skills

    In my current employment I get a fixed 2 weeks off every 5. These are currently spent learning and building basics as well as general other tasks (childcare, general housework etc). Ultimately i would like to come away from the job im in at the minute, its not satisfying although well paid. Ive...
  5. nosuchhounds

    Isotunes or other Bluetooth ear protection

    Has anyone any experience with Isotunes? Theres mixed reviews. Any other recommendations for hearing protection with BT capability?
  6. nosuchhounds

    Which bench top thicknesser?

    Im in the market for a benchtop thicknesser. I hear good things about the Makita 2012NB and the slightly cheaper Metabo DH330. Any users out there? My heart says Makita although from what I understand the Metabo is wider. Any other suggestions?
  7. nosuchhounds

    Metal or wood?

    I have outgrown my small (very small) garden shed workshop and I am looking at something larger, around 15' x 8/10'. I am in the process of researching and have had a few people mention that metal produces condensation. The metal buildings i had found were cheaper and i had planned on...
  8. nosuchhounds

    Can you Joint on a router table?

    Ive seen plenty of vids about jointing on a table saw after thicknessing using a sled but I don't have a table saw (yet) and wondered if it can be achieved on router table with correct setup?
  9. nosuchhounds

    Advice on my first good set of chisels

    Ive been using the powerfix chisel set as recommended by Paul Sellars for a few years and im in the market for a set that will last me a while. Ive heard brilliant things about the Narex Richter range and like the small edge bevel ala Lie Nielsen. Has anyone got any other recommendations of ones...
  10. nosuchhounds

    Multi Angle Kumiko Jig

    I made this Kumiko jig from Walnut and Oak. Contains the 3 major angles for basic patterns. Was a joy working with walnut. Finished with BLO and Briwax
  11. nosuchhounds

    Preserving birch ply edge

    I am in the midst of constructing some cupboards for my camper and using 18mm birch ply. I want to preserve the ply edging with staining the faces. I wanted to to use Rubio exterior stain and osmo poly satin on the edges. Are there any tips for keeping those lines clean?
  12. nosuchhounds

    Erbauer biscuit jointer

    So i recently picked up an erbauer biscuit jointer but im hqving a few issues with getting the hole centralised on the stock. No matter how i i adjust the depth or reference off the bottom face of the jointer the hole always ends up near the top of the piece. I had been testing it on 12mm ply...
  13. nosuchhounds

    Dewalt router and track guide

    Im looking for a router track guide for my Dewaly 1/4" Xr router. Theres a few on ebay that fit various tracks (i have the erbauer plunge saw) but i wondered it theres any router guides with fine adjustments?
  14. nosuchhounds

    Mitre saw in a small shed

    Hi, im new to the forum and relatively new to woodworking. I have a small 10' x 8' pent roof workshop which i am trying to organise into a smarter workspace as i would like a jobsote table saw. My main issue is my oversized sliding mitre saw! I dont use it nearly enough but still usefull to have...