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    A-N membership & insurance

    I have used this service for a number of years but like many never had to use it in the event of a problem. Although targeted to Artists [Kevin are you suggesting Wood related items are not Art?] in the Insurance Key Facts it defines the word Visual or Aplied Art thus "Visual or applied art’...
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    Tyne Cub lathe issue

    As already pointed out 3/4" is not 20mm but 19.05mm a big differance. 20mm thread was standard but they offered as an option the 3/4" thread.
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    sharpening / ProEdge / Trizact question

    There are a number of suppliers who make/sell belts to suit the ProEdge offering a wider selection of grit sizes. Abtec for instance have both 240 and 320 grit Ceramic belts.
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    Faceplate ring

    Surely if he has a Lathe then turning a disc would not only be more accurate but safer!
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    Lathe rest not smooth

    I use a belt sander to smooth out all the dings on my tool rest. At a demo some years back the demonstrator rubbed a bar of soap along the rest, I have tried this and it works but find the belt sander works ok for me.
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    Kity 664 Lathe Variable Speed Missing Bits ?

    Google is an internet search engine, there are others, all work the same you type in whatever you wish to search i.e Kity 664 Lathe Manual and you will instantly get a list of relevant sites, for this input you will get about 1,540 results.
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    Kity 664 Lathe Variable Speed Missing Bits ?

    Google Kity 664 and you will get various links to on line manuals for this lathe. Richard
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    The Item description is in fact the belt type/code i.e Poly Vee belt 584 mm long with 6 Ribs. Should be readily available from and V Belt supplier. Richard
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    Mt2 revolving centre, but with M33 X 3.5MM thread for scroll chuck (SC4) any ideas.

    I have one from Wivamac, not sure who is representing them in UK or you could get from Willy van Houte in Belgium. Richard
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    What is this wood?

    Spalted Beech
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    Dictum DS150L slow-speed grinder

    I have had this Grinder for just over a year now and it is the best I have had, although it looks like the Axminster, and others it is more robust than them. I ordered it and received it in about 5 days from Germany, mind you that was pre-Brexit. Richard
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    Swivel Head Lathe

    I have the Wivamac 6000 which is a short bed lathe now known as the Wivamac Zebrano.
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    Working out lathe speeds?

    I assume you are driving the motor via an inverter? Most inverters have a readout that gives the Hertz at full speed this can be 50Hz or can be 60Hz or even higher depending how it was programmed. It may also be programmed with a minimum Hertz setting typically 10Hz to ensure you have adequate...
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    ELF decorating tool

    I use the Burrs mounted in the chuck of my handpiece of a flexible drive which is detachable The handpiece simply is a handle with a shaft and bearings once detached from the flexible part it rotates freely.
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    Can't get a chuck to fit my lathe

    Picture would suggest it is 3/4” x 10tpi
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    What is this 'grind' and tool for?

    Mark according to this listing it does? Woodturning Tools. Item Ref.: HS85 Tool Type: Bowl Gouge Manufacturer: Henry Taylor Tools, Sheffield, UK Blade Material/Heat Treatment: M2 HSS Nominal Size*: 3/8 Blade diameter*: 1/2 Flute Profile: Superflute (Parabolic) Grind Style: Square...
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    What is this 'grind' and tool for?

    This is the Factory Grind for Superflute Bowl Gouge with a Parabolic Flute. Only really suitable for shaping the outside of bowls. This can be shaped to any of the Bowl Gouge grinds using jigs or freehand.