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    A Question for Letter-Carvers.....

    Carbon paper I prefer black.
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    Chopping board finish advice

    I use walnut oil on my cutting boards, but I don't consider oak is ideal for cutting boards.
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    Elektra Bekum 316g

    I still have one upgrade guide kit fitted and converted to spring tension of the blade, as I think it easier on the wheel bearings. Good small bandsaw dose all I require.
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    Can you identify this wood?

    Yes, would agree with brown oak used it in oak furniture for special features.
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    carved memorial hand

    Beautifully carved and a fitting tribute to all who served. Thanks for sharing.
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    Another mystery tool

    I can remember watching my Grandfather use a similar model for knurling watch crowns. Still have the tool in the workshop.
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    Youtube !

    Try Dynamo for Mac.
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    Electra Beckum bandsaw casting

    A common problem with these bandsaws can certainly recommend the upgrade from Bedford saws as I have already replaced two set for friends.
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    To drawbore or not to drawbore that is the question.

    Allways found on all the oak gates that I have restored, the rot has entered along the end grain of the dowel into the joint.