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    Aldi Bandsaw Orders

    Hello all, A number of us have purchased Aldi bandsaws. Some of us have been lucky with a good delivery and good product, without any issues. Other people have not been so lucky. This is a poll just to get an idea of how many people purchased and what issues arose.
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    My first proper router table

    Hello all, I thought I would share a router table I just made. I had previously made a countertop router table out of 6 and 12mm MDF, using a lidl router. It was not good and didn't last long. I already had a bench that I use for some other equipment, it is a simple bench using cheap timber...
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    Paste Wax Recommendations

    I'm new to wood working and have recently built a router table out of ply. Youtube videos, typically american based, profess minwax paste finishing wax as the best. However I see that its a bit harder to source here in the UK. So my questions are: Is paste finishing wax the same as furniture...